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We seriously dealt with every orders of our worldwide customers, 100% premium quality Guarantee let customer like work with us more than 14 years, not only premium quality but valuable service.

RFID transponders have been used for several years now and constantly enter new application fields. The special challenges in manufacturing transponders for the automotive industry are the demanding requirements in terms of quality and security.

How can we meet these stringent requirements?

D.O RFID  tag company  monitoring all  orders using the following quality standard:

magnetic tape to ISO 7810 specification

Thickness of finished card material to ISO 7810 specification

Bow testing in accordance to ISO 7810 specification 

DO RFID TAG manufacturer.png

Testing of encoded magstripe to ISO 7811-2

Barcode Verifier QC810 & QC890

Verification of barcode to ANSI and ISO standards

Inline Barcode Verifier on DOD

Verification of barcode to ANSI and ISO standards

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