What can NFC do? After all, just need to bring a cell phone on the line!
2017-04-25 12:18:05

1, the use of NFC smart phones into the subway or bus, shopping mall and pay the cost

2, by touching the NFC tags to obtain information, to increase the shopping basket, get coupons and other new uses will have an increasing impact on the new retail industry.

3, users only need to use NFC mobile phone in NFC posters, advertising, billboards or movie posters on a wave of information can be immediately obtained products or services.

4, NFC can also be used as a short-range technology, when a few devices are very close, the file and other content can be passed on these devices.

nfc tag manufacturer.jpg

There are many functions.

We see it! This is the future development trend of NFC, and now the most able to mention the function of NFC is to use a mobile phone brush bus card. The mobile phone support bus card function mobile phone manufacturers including HUAWEI, millet, Samsung, apple, one of the first to do the bus card function should be millet, followed by HUAWEI, Samsung in the country follow this function.

There are users on the Apple Pay and privacy agreement, found on Apple Pay and bus card binding policy. Apple said, if the card is set to a fast traffic card, you do not need Touch ID or password unlock to normal credit card, that is to say as long as the correct settings for Apple Pay card and handheld bus card almost no difference.

Perhaps, China is likely to become a global support for the Apple Pay bus card function of the country, I hope this day can come early.