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RFID security tag


RFID security tag

The majority of people in the retail surveillance and security industry are familiar with EAS tags, but many are unfamiliar with the RFID security tag. The RFID security tag is similar to Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS), a word used in retail outlets and libraries for theft prevention, but with an RFID chip. RFID security tags can be attached to a wide range of goods, and they come in a number of form factors. Pins that run through the object and are usually tied to the product's tags by a looping wire are the most popular.

All products in each of these categories use an EAS security tag upon arriving at the store, which must be deactivated as soon as the relevant item is purchased. Gate readers at entry/exit points with a created field around the area detect EAS or RFID transponder signals that haven't been disabled in stores that use EAS tags. 

Choosing the Right RFID security tag  and EAS Tags

When it comes to EAS tags and RFID security tags, shops have a variety of alternatives to choose from. CONTROLTEK provides excellent security solutions for garments, shrink wrapped items, sporting goods, eyewear, footwear, and a variety of other products to assist prevent stealing. These EAS and RFID security tags are compatible with AM and RF systems, and some even support RFID. The SHRINKBUSTER and SHRINKBUSTER MINI, for example, provide unbeatable anti-theft security for athletic items, outerwear, clothes, and footwear. CONTROLTEK offers a wide range of RFID and EAS tags, and the SHRINKBUSTER has the greatest detection rate in the whole lineup, making it a popular choice among shops around the country. Other advantages of the SHRINKBUSTER include its lightweight yet robust structure, which does not obstruct a shopper's ability to try on the item. It also saves employees time at checkout because it is simple to remove and apply, has an optional lanyard for additional purposes, and can be RFID enabled.

According to loss prevention statistics, one out of every eleven people in the United States is a shoplifter. Adult shoplifters target delicates like eyewear, lingerie, belts, hats, gloves, wallets, scarves, and footwear more than 80% of the time because the items are small in size, making them easy to conceal, and they are high-end in terms of retail / monetary worth. Thankfully, because to DO RFID tag manufacturers' advancements, retail firms may now invest in specific RFID tags made for unusual objects like these. One of the most popular RFID security tags for smaller, more delicate products, which works on both AM and RF frequencies. This RFID security tag can be worn on a lanyard or attached to a pin, and despite its small size, it is highly robust and durable, as well as extremely adaptable.


ink security tag

The most popular type is an ink security tag, which when tampered with emits indelible ink, thereby rendering the stolen object unusable.

Retailers can use ink security tags as a visible deterrent to shoplifting without needing to deploy comprehensive Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) anti-theft systems. If a business already has EAS systems in place, they can affix standard, alarm-activating anti-theft tags to store products using ink tags instead of traditional security tag pins. Some tags can be combined with a sensor tag and an ink tag to provide an extra layer of security.

Benefit denial products, such as ink tags, are often referred to as benefit denial products because they prevent shoplifters from profiting from stolen goods. When a shoplifter tampers with an ink tag, the ink spills onto the product, ruining it forever.

Aside from the many sorts of security tags, there are a variety of shapes and styles to choose from, each tailored to fit specific items.


Clothing security tags

The Clothing security tags (which houses the receiver in the case of EAS), the pin (which penetrates through the garment), and the locking mechanism are the three main components of clothing security tags (which secures the pin in place).

Magnetic and mechanical locking methods are the most common, with magnetic tags coming in a variety of strengths ranging from standard to SuperLock, HyperLock, and Multi-polar.

The more powerful the magnetic lock, the more difficult it is to illegally remove the tag.

Alligator tags with a hinge, pencil tags that are long and thin, square tags, and round or shell tags are some of the most prevalent shapes for fashion tags. Shell tags are the most difficult to pry open and remove unlawfully in terms of security.

Aside from the strength of the locking mechanism and the shape of the tag, the size of the pin-head is an important consideration when choosing clothing tags. The larger the pinhead, the less probable it is to be pulled out of the clothing The larger the pinhead, the less probable it is to be pulled out of the clothing unlawfully.


Security for fashion accessories

When it comes to securing items with security tags, there are a variety of methods available, whether the object is shoes, a handbag, or jewelry.

Cable straps and lanyard tags are two of the most popular solutions.

The security tag is attached to the item using strong wires, ties, or lanyards. The lanyard or strap can secure into the tag's locking mechanism, and the cables and lanyards are generally made of cut-resistant materials.


Bottle security tag

Liquor bottles are one of the most commonly stolen commodities, according to the Global Retail Theft Barometer, since they are easy to conceal and may be resold for a high profit.

Wines and spirits are, in fact, the most common food items targeted by shoplifters around the world.

Bottle tags are designed to inhibit this form of theft by acting as a visual deterrent as well as providing EAS security.

Optical security tags

Merchandise security is critical for eyewear and sunglasses businesses. Sunglasses, which are classified as a fashion accessory, are the second most regularly stolen item in the garment and accessory industry.

Optical security tags are designed to sit in the arm of eyewear, allowing customers to try on goods.

In an EAS system, EAS hard Tags play a critical role.

An EAS hard Tag is a small "signal transmitter" that you place on the merchandise you want to protect, and it will signal to the EAS antennas to make them alarm if they get too close, such as if someone is attempting to steal the item and taking them through the entrance without paying/removing the tag.

An electronic article surveillance (EAS) tag and pins using Acousto-Magnetic technology are known as a hard tag. Our hard tags feature a well-known ball clutch mechanism to hold the pin to the tag, making unlawful tag removal extremely difficult.

Industry criteria were met by our anti-theft hard tag, which has a better detection rate. However, do RFID tag manufacturers include RFID technology into hard tags? It's a brand-new application that combines EAS with RFID. Retailers can utilize this technology to not only prevent merchandise theft, but also to perform different management activities. During inventory, commodities are automatically registered, and no manual examination or scanning is necessary. Bar codes are more precise and faster, and they reduce loss. The RFID system can give accurate inventory information, allowing managers to immediately detect and improve wasteful procedures, resulting in faster supply and lower storage costs.

hard tags.jpg

Most retailers, we believe, will agree that the high monthly shrink cost generated by shoplifters is something that must be avoided when operating in the retail industry.

By using the correct combination of EAS antennas and EAS hard tags, merchants may reduce their monthly shrink costs by 50-90 percent on average.


 UHF+AM   hard tag



User memory

 512 bits











Read range

 05 meters

Work temperature



 >10   yearsreader/writer more than 100K times




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