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Many business owners are investigating RFID tags and RFID readers as a means to minimize the time and expense of tracking assets as RFID technology becomes more inexpensive. However, how much do RFID tags cost, and how much does an RFID reader cost? As a competent RFID manufacturer, DO RFID Group will investigate the various prices of RFID tags and RFID readers, as well as how much you can expect to pay for them.

Types of RFID tag 

RFID tags are divided into two categories: active and passive. The radio frequency at which passive RFID tags work is also classified: low frequency (LH), high frequency (HF), and ultra-high frequency (UHF) (UHF).

LF 125khz RFID tag

From 30 KHz to 300 KHz, the LF band is used. The frequency of most LF RFID systems is 125 KHz. LF RFID systems are mainly useful in livestock tracking and access control applications since they have a small read range of only 10 cm. The LF band is less vulnerable to radio signal interference than the HF and UHF bands, but having a slower read speed than the higher frequencies.

HF 13.56mhz RFID tag 

The HF band has a read range of 10 centimeters to one meter and spans frequencies from 3 to 30 MHz. Payment, data transfer, and ticketing applications all use high-frequency RFID technology.


The UHF band has a read range of up to 12 meters and includes frequencies from 300 MHz to 3 GHz. UHF RFID systems scan data more quickly than LF or HF RFID systems, making them appropriate for a number of applications such as retail inventory management, wireless device configuration, and anti-counterfeiting. UHF tags are less expensive and easier to make than LF and HF tags, although they are more susceptible to radio interference.

In the LF, HF, and UHF radio bands, a passive RFID tag can be employed. Because they don't need a power source or a transmitter, passive RFID tags are smaller and less expensive than active tags. Instead, passive systems provide a radio signal to the RFID system via a tag chip and antenna. When a radio signal is received, the passive RFID tag turns on and reflects the signal back to the reader.

Passive RFID tags are often used in retail applications to track inventory assets, to monitor goods in a supply chain, to identify products such as pharmaceuticals, and to add RFID functionality to a wide range of devices. In distribution centers and warehouses, passive RFID tags can be used to track asset mobility.

How Much Do RFID Tags Cost? 

So, which RFID technology is the most cost-effective? Of course, the answer is that it depends. To undertake a meaningful cost-benefit analysis of the various systems, you'll need to factor in your labor costs as well as your real-time data requirements. In general, the more expensive an RFID system is, the more automation it provides. Passive RFID tags and readers are the most cost-effective solution if real-time data isn't crucial to you and your labor costs are low. You'll want to invest in an active RFID system if your labor costs are significant and you need real-time data. The prices for different RFID tags and RFID readers are listed below.

 RFID Tags cost 

Passive RFID tags are inexpensive, ranging from {cbq:ncontent}.10 for simple passive RFID tags to for active RFID tags.

Basic passive RFID tags cost {cbq:ncontent}.10 USD each and are suitable for usage with paper, non-metal, and liquid materials. These are the most cheap RFID tags.


Passive RFID Metal tags are more expensive than standard passive RFID tags and can be used on metal assets. Each RFID metal tag costs USD. At to per, they're also the most expensive.

UHF RFID tag cost - A UHF RFID tag is a long-range RFID tag with a long read distance and mass scanning capability; the cost of a basic paper UHF RFID tag is {cbq:ncontent}.10 USD.

Waterproof RFID tag cost- The RFID tags are waterproof, and the housing is resistant to harsh liquids, ensuring consistent operation and reading stability in a wide range of temperatures. Each waterproof RFID tag will set you back {cbq:ncontent}.50 USD.

RFID Readers 

Depending on the level of automation provided, handheld RFID readers can cost anywhere from ,250 to ,000 apiece. Active RFID scanners are the cheapest choice, costing between ,250 and ,500 each. Passive and portable RFID scanners are more expensive, costing somewhere between ,000 and ,000 each.

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