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RFID passive tags with led indicator

  • *RFID Frequency :860-960MHZ
  • *RFID Standard: ISO18000-6C
  • *Material:ABS
  • *Color:black

Is It Possible to Have an LED on an RFID Tag Glow When a Reader Interrogates It?

Yes, DO RFID tag manufacturers able to do that.

We produced a battery-free ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID tag with an LED for picking purposes. The LED does not stay on but rather lights up when a UHF RFID reads the RFID tag.

RFID UHF RFID tag with led indicator is suitable to use for Logistics, supply chain Visibility, and inventory tracking

RFID UHF tag with led light can help manage logistics and the supply chain by reducing the chaos that comes with the manufacturing, shipping, and distribution environment. A popular way to increase efficiency is inventory tracking. Tracking an asset or an item is highly important especially if the item is being moved around a lot both locally and also globally. Not only does this reduces the impact of lost or damaged goods, but also reduces the manpower needed for stock counts.

RFID UHF tag helps automate your inventories making it easier, faster, and error-free to update your inventories with reliable data.  Adding an LED to each tag helps users visually locate the desired item so the picking process is faster and more efficient.

RFID Protocol

EPC Class1 Gen2, ISO18000-6C


US 902-928MHz, EU 865-868MHz


EPC 128bits, User 1312bits, TID96bits

Write Cycles

1 time



Data Retention

50 years

Applicable Surface

Non-metallic surface or Metal Surfaces

Read Range:(Fix Reader)

9.0m, Off Metal ;7.5m, On Metal

Read Range:(Handheld Reader)

Up to 6.0m, Handheld reader ; light-on read range up to 3.0m,   Non-metallic surface

Up to 5.0m, Handheld reader ; light-on read range up to 3.0m, Metallic   surfac





1.0mm(Off-metal); 3.0mm(On-metal)





Mounting Methods



2.5g; 7.5g

IP Rating


Storage Temperature

-20 to +80

Operation Temperature

-20°C to +80°C


Reach, RoHs, CE, ATEX

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