More than 4500 ㎡ RFID Tag factory and 150 skilled employees, with supper standard assembly line production, can be supplied 1000000 products every month 3689 satisfied customer from 90 countries. 99.9% premium quality Guarantee!

D.O RFID TAG Manufacturer service range is based on your requirements. Our customers rely on our assistance in the procurement of RFID and NFC products. First is not limited by its own manufacturing capacity and product line. Numerous partnerships, including leading global manufacturers, ensure an almost unlimited delivery capability. D.O RFID TAG Manufacturer in past 14 years worked with about 90 countries and is able to protect partners from unpleasant surprises.

  • NFC WET INLAY NXP Ntag 215

    DO RFID Tag Manufacturer produce the small, thin self-adhesive NXP NTAG 215 NFC ...

  • PVC NFC sticker TAG NTAG215 Samsung Nokia Sony LG HTC Android

    These NTAG215 NFC Tags have many uses but mainly for the back of posters or prin...

  • NTAG 215 smart RFID nfc anti-metal tags for Android Mobile phone

    Why your NFC tags can not work if on metal ? Because NFC Tags placed on metal w...

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