RFID in textile and clothing manufacturing

The work flows of garment manufacturers are very complicated and cumbersome. On the one hand, they need to deal with the severa data generated throughout more than a few manufacturing processes, on the different hand, they have to stop large backlogs of WIP on the production floor. Therefore, the software of facts technological know-how appears to be particularly important. Many firms have started to introduce RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) solutions to assist in manufacturingadministration and to enhance efficiency. In order to correctly follow a RFID solution, first you need to pick out a appropriate system, and recognize its most important risks, objectives, features, device drift and so on.
How Should Clothes Manufacturers Select a RFID Real-time Production Management System?
1. Define Clear Objectives of Applying a System
First of all, the most essential component is to have a set of clear objectives. The RFID machine you desire to deploy should be based on achieving these objectives. No count you introduce RFID to comply with enterprise partners’ requirements, or to tune production, you should first exactly outline what you want the RFID answer to do for you.
RFID solutions are optimum than other data collection strategies in the way that RFID can provide real-time production data, as a consequenceenable management to take immediately action, right mistakes before they grow to be costly problems, and stability manufacturing lines. However, this additionally relies on whether the system design is succesful to accumulate real-time statistics or not.
If the system is designed to download records from the RFID reader on daily, half-day or hourly basis, though the data collected can nonetheless be used for analysis, the records are too ancient to enable error correction at real-time, to clear up troubles which may additionally lead to production stoppage, consequently it is tough to enhance productivity.
2. Choose the Right RFID Data Collector
The data collectors currently available in the market include: with display, except display, with keypad and without keypad. The preference of collector depends on the enterprise’s proper wants and budget.
If you simply want to acquire facts except the need for real-time information feedback, you can do without display. On the contrary, you want a display screen to mirror in real-time the accuracy of statistics captured.
The keypad is used to enter extra records which is no longer blanketed in the RFID tag, such as defect location, transform causes, production downtime causes, etc., so as to feedback the authentic production status, to supply in addition facts and to decorate the gadget functionality.
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3 Data Transfer Method 
As real-time data has a top notch effect on the system functionality, it is necessary to understand the necessities of real-time for unique records transfer methods.
i) Direct Transmission
After data capturing, the RFID collector will directly transmit the datas to the server, then the data will be integrated into the software system. In this way, there are less data for transfer each time, the information is really real-time, and it is capable of real-time data feedback. However, it is wanted to pay exceptional attention to the system reliability and server loading issues. If there are various thousand data collectors transmitting data simultaneously, the server may additionally get overloaded. Furthermore, you want to reflect onconsideration on whether production will be affected in the course of server failure or line interruption, how to resolve these problems, and what about the costs.
ii) Server Extraction
Data are stored in the RFID collectors waiting for the server to extract and then ship to the system. This kind of facts transmission has the gain that production will no longer be affected even if the server is useless or the line breaks. Once the server resumes operation, it will re-pull data from the collectors, effects in greater device reliability. However, bear in mind that the facts pulling cycle of server depends on the variety of collectors, as properly as the pulling time of each collector. The heavier the records loading, the longer the pulling cycle, and the longer the facts refresh time. If information cannot be continually refreshed instantly, it will be not possible to achieve real-time.
To decide whether the device can furnish real-time data or not, the easiest way is to take a look at the pace of data feedback. Users are capable to see if the records have been processed and immediately comments to the machine from the RFID collectors’ show or from the computers..
4. The Lifetime of RFID Collector
The lifetime of facts collector depends not solely on its overall performance and quality, however additionally the way records is written. Collectors with built-in reminiscence generally use Flash RAM, its endurance of one specific vicinity is limited. If frequently write in the equal location, flash memory will quickly be damaged, the existence of reader will also be ended. If the machine is designed to study information once a while, then this is no longer a problem, otherwise, want to avoid preserve writing in the equal region on the flash memory.
in conclusion, the most essential criteria in choosing a proper RFID device are the real-time, reliability and balance of data. In addition, it is necessary to recognize the total cost of installing a system. Most enterprises only take into account the expenses of software software program and data collectors, whilst overlook some hidden fees such as the lifetime of collectors, computer hardware, software program licensing, network amenities and so on.
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