RFID Asset Tracking

Keeping track of assets is crucial for any enterprise,such as like business is Healthcare, Industrial, Defense or Manufacturing. Asset tracking is a necessity for streamlining inventory and equipment, as you cannot effectively manage these assets without having their real-time visibility. D.O RFID TAG's RFID  Asset Tracking tags helps to deliver this visibility, and hence operational efficiency, resulting in significant financial benefits across all industries.

Our RFID Asset Tracking tag is a paasive tag. The RFID tags allow you to positively ascertain what and how much products in your stock.The RFID asset tracking tag including 125khz, 13.56mhz and 860-960Mhz frequency band,which has been recognized as the most optimal for use in almost any environment., including the most RF hostile environments, such as those that are crowded or have dense metallic structures. 

Why you should use RFID Asset Tracking tags:

Increase inventory efficiency

Save time and reduce errors with real-time inventory visibility.

Optimize order picking efficiency and inventory placement.

Track assets such as Returnable Containers.

Boost revenue and output

Track WIP and deploy resources in real-time to increase output and revenue.

Instantly locate mission-critical equipment and tools when they are needed.

 Drastically reduce loss

Never misplace equipment or inventory.

Eliminate theft with scheduled motion alarm detection.

Easily add Perimeter Security.

Detect the presence of Inventory and Returnable Containers at Third-Party Manufacturers.

How to choose right RFID tag for your solution ?

Recognized 500PCS RFID tags (Inventory management)UHF TAG
Recognized distance over than 10m Long Range UHF Tags
RF hostile environmentsRF4 on mtal tag
Vehicle Management

Anti-metal UHF tag 

Tire management tag

Access control tag for parking 

Some tags can not work when it in the metal environment,      Then you can choose:UHF mount on metal tags 
Working in high temperature High temperature UHF tags 
Logistics managementRFID Tags

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