NFC Products

  • NFC tags

    NFC tags

    D.O RFID Tag Manufacturer produce various NFC tags.NFC Tags let you perform various kinds of information-related tasks. For example, you can use a tag to store information on various topics at a kiosk. Eac...

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  • NFC tag inlay

    NFC tag inlay

    D.O RFID Tag manufacturer produce many NFC tag inlay, they are small, thin self-adhesive tags that allow discreet or overt placement. They are easily hidden behind a poster or display, or inside a product ...

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  • NFC Stickers

    NFC Stickers

    D.o rfid tag company produce a wide range of NFC stickers based on NFC Forum-compliant tag types 1, 2 ,4 and they are compatible with NFC applications such as Samsung TecTiles and others. NFC sticker are ...

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  • NFC Wristband

    NFC Wristband

    D.O RFID Tag manufacture produce many NFC Wristband for your perfect solution, such as frequent access, special environments and rapid distribution. Our NFC Wristbands can be programmed for most NFC applic...

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  • NFC Poster

    NFC Poster

    There is an innovation already in the advertising business is near-field-communication (NFC). NFC devices are relatively inexpensive but do amazing things: users can interact by touching their mobile devic...

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  • NFC Label

    NFC Label

    Soon, the NFC will full your world. You'll have instant access to information about products, services, landmarks and even people, all thanks to near field communication (NFC) technologyand the smart l...

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  • NFC Reader

    NFC Reader

    With our broad portfolio ranging from RFID card,RFID tag and RFID Card reader to NFC reader. we address all your needs. Based on our long experience we continue to lead the expansion from traditional RFI...

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  • NFC Payment Card

    NFC Payment Card

    The NFC payment card is a revolutionary debit card which can enable you to make quick contactless payments. The NFC payment card entitles you to a world of Speed, Customization and Security.

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  • NFC  Button

    NFC Button

    The NFC button is similar as the NFC sticker, it with glud on back side, you can attached on your NFC smart phone.But it can be with polishedjelly cover and your custom logo.But the NFC button with epoxy ...

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  • NFC Poker

    NFC Poker

    The new NFC poker also called RFID playing cards are made from paper and exactly same as the regular cards. But each playing card is embedded with a passive 13.56 MHz RFID tag containing an NXP Semiconduc...

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  • NFC Smart Ring

    NFC Smart Ring

    The NFC ring is one smart ring with unlimited possibilities. Use our NFC Smart Ring to unlock your smart phone or tablet, lock and unlock your door, share and transfer data, and link people. What’s more,...

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  • NFC Smart Watch

    NFC Smart Watch

    There was a time when the watches were used by the people only for the purpose of observing time and meeting their time schedule. However, nowadays, the technology has wholly changed the face of the world ...

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