Animal Identification

Tagging livestock with RFID can be an important tool in a farmer’s arsenal to identify each animal along with its pedigree and medical information.
 An LF reader or wand scans the animal during veterinary visits or inventory counts, and with the help of software, uploads significant information 
on each animal to a database.
Livestock and farm animals are not the only animals currently tracked using RFID. Veterinarians are now pushing for all household animals to be tracked using RFID in order to create a system to identify lost and found pets. If all household animals are tagged with LF RFID chips, when they are found, vets can scan their tag to see information such as identification and the owner’s contact information. RFID chips that identify all pets on a nation-wide database can help reunite lost pets with their owners.
Another important reason for tagging animals using RFID is to manage exotic and endangered animals on preserves or other wildlife habitats. LF RFID, UHF RFID, and GPS systems are all used in animal management. The specific system selected is usually dependent on the information needed and safety of the animals.
D.O RFID tag Manufacturer produce livestock tags and reader for animal or livestock management solutions aid in herd care processes optimizing productivity, helping ensure food safety and quality. DO RFID TAG's RFID Glass Tag  family includes LF transponders effective for bolus use, as well as high performance tags for subcutaneous placement in horses or fish, or livestock ear tag placement for sheep and goats. Embeddable transponders can be housed in ear tags for custom form factors using various materials to create specialized LF tags. Our Standard Glass Tag units are enclosed in biocompatible glass, making them harmless to animals.
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