RFID Products

  • RFID Wristbands

    RFID Wristbands

    RFID Wristband,D.O RFID Tag Manufacturer is a leading and reliable manufacturing enterprise, we have a reputation for produce high quality RFID wrist tags for varied applications. rfid wristbands for eve...

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  • RFID Tag

    RFID Tag

    Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags are the centerpiece of any RFID system. RFID tags can be offered in different sizes, frequencies and can be affixed to a variety of surfaces. They store the item ...

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  • RFID Animal tag

    RFID Animal tag

    D.O RFID Tag Manufacturer s RFID animal tags help manage and safeguard livestock, pets, lab animals and products in the food supply chain. D.O RFID Tag Manufacturer fully automated production processes ens...

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  • UHF


    The UHF (ultra high frequency) range of the radio spectrum is the band extending from 300 MHz to 3GHz. The wavelengths corresponding to these limit frequencies are 1 meter and 10 centimeters. D.O RFID Tag...

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  • Magnetic Swipe Readers and Writers

    Magnetic Swipe Readers and Writers

    D.O RFID Tag company manufacture a range of stand-alone magnetic swipe readers (MSR) and writers suitable for many applications. The full range of readers is designed to read cards incorporating a magnetic...

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  • RFID Reader

    RFID Reader

    RFID Reader including proximity card readers and writers what is continuously transmit a low-level fixed radio frequency (RF) signal that provides energy to the card. When the card is held at a certain dis...

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  • RFID Card Prelam

    RFID Card Prelam

    RFID prelam card inlay is half-finished product. As the most important part means the core part for ISO RFID card. All the prelam sheets are durability and optimized read/write performance , that are all p...

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  • RFID Keyfob

    RFID Keyfob

    D.O RFID Tag Manufacturer produce the ABS keyfob in either LF, HF or UHF. Most of the key fob type HF RFID keychain and UHF RFID Tags are used for RFID Door Lock access control for buildings and rooms.

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  • Plastic card

    Plastic card

    D.O RFD TAG Manufacturer, one of the premier plastic card manufacturer in the China, we can handle every step of the card printing process, producing the highest quality of custom printed plastic cards. ...

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  • RFID Blocking wallet

    RFID Blocking wallet

    RFID Blocking wallet protect yourself from payment fraud and identity theft. Did you know that many rfid credit cards, drivers’ licenses, transit cards, government identification cards, school, hospital, a...

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  • RFID Library Label

    RFID Library Label

    D.O RFID TAG Manufacturer feature proven antenna designs, quality materials and production processes, and set the highest benchmark for quality and performance in the library industry. Used by leading lib...

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  • Smart Contact Card

    Smart Contact Card

    D.O RFID Tag Manufacturer is a market leader in the implementation of smart contact cards and the associated technology. We providing a complete range of smart contact cards, smart contact card readers, to...

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  • RFID  Card

    RFID Card

    RFID chip cards can be encoded and read contactlessly via wireless technology. RFID chip cards which are also known as transponder cards, provide you with high level data security and allow you to integrat...

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