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RFID on Apparel Store

You can use RFID to track deliveries of fresh food between its suppliers and distribution centers.   Learn why the RFID's future potential benefits to provide greater visibility and accuracy of all stock at the item level, from leaving a supplier through the distribution chain and into stores, as well as an opportunity to reduce the costs of annual stock-taking—plus, the loss of margin associated with excessive markdowns, theft and fraud.


RFID on display shoes

For large shoes store chains   it often took many days to manually check shoes on display. Now, sales associates use handheld RFID readers to collect information about samples in only 15 to 20 minutes. if you use RFID tags on display shoes to ensure the correct shoes are on the sales floor at all time.


This means you can perform a 100 percent audit every day, prior to store opening, and ensure 100 percent representation. Hear how the system helps increase sales by ensuring customers can see all shoes for sale.


An analysis of American Apparel by RW Baird suggests the per-store payback for a 260 store RFID roll out is about 4.5

months given increased sales from fewer out-of-stocks and reduced labor. The strong return on investment is a result of

increased revenue per store of 14% compared to non-RFID stores, and a labor savings of just under 190 hours per month.

RFID in textile garment manufacturing 


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