RFID for retail and warehouse management

D.O RFID tag manufacturer is proud to present our multi-use warehouse RFID tags. Incorporating human readable information, barcode information, and RFID, this tag is perfect for the warehouse that is transitioning its operations. Each label has encoded a unique string of numbers in all 3 formats. This specialty warehouse RFID label is available in different size formats and materials.

Real time inventory management.jpg

There are 2 main featur for RFID warehouse managment:

Real time inventory management

RFID helps to enhance efficiency and accuracy at every section of warehouse process, enabling to capture “real time” transactional flow of data and eliminating manpower and processing time.

RFID tags for product tracking and handling

A major advantage of the use of RFID tags is in product tracking and handling. By utilizing RFID tags and readers, it saves the time required to check the products, minimize human error, and also reduce extra labor costs.

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