The UHF (ultra high frequency) range of the radio spectrum is the band extending from 300 MHz to 3GHz. The wavelengths corresponding to these limit frequencies are 1 meter and 10 centimeters. D.O RFID Tag Manufacturer produce many UHF products, such as UHF tags, UHF reader, UHF antenna,our UHF products range from 860Mhz-960Mhz. you can custom any shape or any frequency.

UHF - Category

  • UHF anti-metal tag

    UHF anti-metal tag

    ABS Material UHF Anti Metal RFID Tag can stick on a trailer of Truck, the windshield of a car or a truck, pallet, or other metal surface tracking and access control. It has strong glue, which can stick ve...

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  • UHF  Antenna

    UHF Antenna

    Our range of RFID products includes the entire chain of RFID hardware - UHFreaders, UHF multiplexers and UHF antennas - and therefore links the data on the tags with your software. Most products are availa...

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  • UHF tag inlay

    UHF tag inlay

    UHF (Ultra High Frequency) tag inlay composition is: Antenna and chip,the material composition is:Al9μm/PET50μm,which has a rate around 860~960MHz.Most of UHF products are commonly used in logistics,K-SCM,Br...

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  • UHF RFID Reader

    UHF RFID Reader

    D.O RFID Group produced the UHF RFID reader writer. The are long read range reader,the Max read range: 6M,Longer read range 10M,15M,25M available.Water and dust proof, anti-interference, can work under thu...

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  • RFID Vehicles Windshield  UHF Tag

    RFID Vehicles Windshield UHF Tag

    D.O RFID Tag manufacturer developed the passive UHF windshield tag for parking or ETC, The RFID passive UHF windshield tag appropriate for frequency-hopping work mode, have strong anti-disturb ability.User...

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  • UHF Tire Tag

    UHF Tire Tag

    D.O RFID Tag Manufacturer developed the UHF RFID tire tags are rubber based and have a flexible design to stand up to regular tire deformation and wear and tear. Tire tag installation procedures are simil...

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  • UHF Ceramic Tag

    UHF Ceramic Tag

    Metal Ceramic Tag are optimized for placement on metal assets, such as tools,weaponry and surgical instrumentation.The hard shells encasing these tiny UHF transponders shield them from exposure to autoclav...

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