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Company Profile

Company Profile

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D.O RFID Tag Manufacturer is to become global RFID manufacturer, providing customers with practical, innovative solutions and simple, low-cost RFID products.

Source Quality Products and Enjoy Effcient Service 

It is what captures our aspiration at being the best at what we do and to put our customers first. Our vision guides our actions daily pursuing its achievement.


Our sole goal is to ensure superior quality of all of our products and ensure that they are delivered in time and in great condition.

Future RFID tags will be ubiquitous, we manufacture products that are not restricted, our products include RFID card, RFID Card reader, RFID tags, RFID transponder, RFID wristband, RFID key tag, RFID animal tag etc..

To become the world's leading RFID manufacturer, to provide customers with practical, innovative solutions and simple, low-cost RFID products.

Our products are widely used in access control, time attendance management, warehouse management, animal management, logistics tracking management, laundry industry, transportation industry, hospital industry, contactless payment industry, etc.




D.O RFID Tag Manufacturer is an enterprise engaged in the manufacturing and production of high quality RFID tags for various applications, rfid wristbands for varying events, plastic cards, RFID card, smart card, RFID tag, NFC tag for access control, loyalty programs, E-payment and security applications.

We are a direct factory involved in the making of RFID cards, NFC tags and RFID wristbands for about 14 years now, and we have a reputation for carrying out the task with immense competence and skill to impress you, our customer.

As a company, we have international presence in about 96 countries and regions including Europe, north America, Asia, South America, and Africa. Our people are skilled and diligent with a motive to moving the vision of the enterprise. We have about 200 knowledgeable employees, 4500m RFID manufacturer and as such any contract or job with us receives the highest level of professionalism and personal service tailored to meet and surpass our customer’s standards.



We are located at #B216, wisdom town, Guacheng district, DoGuaangdong province, China. You can contact us at

 Tel: +860769 8173 6947 

Fax: +86 0769 81736948

Email: info@dorifdtag.com

For any information, request or suggestions on how to better serve you, be free to contact via any if the above stated means



The underlining value of the company is that we never compromise on the quality of any of our products no matter the budget we are working with. We always strive hard to give you only durable products at a very good price in order to help you grow your business in the long run.

Diligence on our part to create dependable and reliable products in order to help promote your cause as our customer.

We always put your needs first and we are loyal and committed to helping you solve your problems, our customer service is unrivalled as we keep an open-mind to understanding your needs and respond diligently and quickly to your requests.

We have an 100% on time quick and efficient delivery system all around the world and we guarantee 100% quality assurance on all our products delivered and 60 days after-sales service.

In order to carry out all our promises, we have created a refund policy, we conduct quality testing on our end rigorously and in the case of a serious defect, we will refund your money 100%. No Questions Asked.