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RFID has been around since the 1980s, and NFC was invented in 2002 by NXP, Sony, and Nokia. NFC is now an established communication technology, already being widely used. For example, Android, Apple, and Samsung Pay are notable uses of NFC technology that facilitate the easy and secure transfer of payment between consumers and POS systems with just one tap. Another popular application is NFC-enabled portable devices that can be provided with application software, for example, to read electronic tags or make payments when connected to an NFC-compliant apparatus. Earlier applications such as stock tickets, access control and payment readers.

NFC tags do not need a power source. NFC tags with NFC chip and antenna. It will be activated and get energy by the NFC reader device. This is passive RFID technology, usually passive is cheaper than the active RFID.

Depending on the different NFC tag manufacturers, the NFC tag costs an average of USD0.15-USD0.35 per unit, it is affordable for any NFC solutions. RFID NFC wristbands and NFC rfid ring and other NFC products with special form are more expensive than NFC tags and NFC inlay.

NFC tags with low costs with the absence of any power requirements, and you have a cheap yet effective way of quickly communicating with other smart NFC devices. From launching NFC applications to exchanging web addresses and purchasing a rail ticket, NFC aims to make our lives that little bit more convenient just by using our smartphones.

NFC chip card is an NFC business card.

There's a small NFC microchip embedded in the business card, and this NFC microchip tells a smartphone what to do. For example, you just handed a prospective customer your NFC business card. He touches it to his NFC smartphone, Then the information you want him to see loads on his phone instantly. Since the NFC chip itself only holds a small amount of information, it is best to call for the NFC business card to pull information from the web. NFC chips have a very small amount of usable memory. Each NFC chip only holds about 137 bytes of information, which is roughly 137 characters. This gives you enough memory for a large complex web address, so you can send your prospects off to pretty much anything you want. When you buy your NFC business cards, you have to use an NFC app that will let you reprogram the NFC chip over and over again, changing what it does as often as you would like. If you don't know how to custom the NFC business card, please contact our NFC card manufacturers for an assistant.

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