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NFC 215 Card

NFC 215 Card is NTAG 215 NFC card (Credit card size) make of white PVC plastic and very thin with the latest NTAG215 chip. They have an excellent reading distance. it operates at 13.56mhz and able store 504 bytes of user memory, serial number (7-byte UID), can be protected by a 32-bit password, rewriteable multiple times and can be locked.

Compatible with all NFC Smartphones (iPhones read-only mode, regardless of the NFC tag or NFC card)

NTAG213, NTAG215 and NTAG216 chip have been developed as standard NFC tag ICs to be used in mass-market applications such as retail, gaming and consumer electronics, in combination with NFC devices or NFC compliant Proximity Coupling Devices.It's a full featured chip with a medium size memory capacity. It isn't as common as the NTAG213 chip and is only available in a limited number of products unless made to order.

But now the NFC 215 card used for wide application. You may use an NTAG215 NFC business card. This is a good way to interact with your potential clients. Just encoded your brand’s URL, contact information or discount code in the Ntag215 chip, people can view your advertisement anywhere.

NFC 215 Card which makes it durable, waterproof, dustproof, whether it is an NFC 215 discount Card, NFC 215 loyalty Card, NFC 215 access control Card, it will be a good choice.It can be used outside as well as inside and very hard wearing. Fit in wallets and purses. NFC 215 Card makes your life simpler, fun and colourful. , and make the most complicated tasks simpler in just one touch. These NFC 215 Card can be used to share contacts, open web pages, launch applications and change mobile settings. A simple touch makes your phone much more fun!

What NFC 215 Card can do?
Transform your home, office and car

Control your smart phone by automatically changing any setting or configuration e.g. set an alarm, toggling or pairing Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, launch an App or navigation, control sound volume & screen brightness, connect to car systems… etc

Communicate with the world e.g. make a call, send SMS, share a contact, send a business card, tap to re-order, update social media like Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…etc)

NFC 215 Card Transform your business

By adding NFC 215 smart card to your product, packaging, shelf labels, leaflet and marketing material, these things will be able to talk to your customers. With a single tap, the customer will get your voucher, coupons, user manual, food menus, or you can even redirect them to a landing page or to your website to buy, comment, leave a review, get in touch or even to register or authenticate the product.

NFC 215 Card is super easy to programme and operate.

You can easily encode, erase, edited and lock the tags in a minute by NFC reader or NFC smartphone. To operate you just need to hover your NFC smartphone over the NFC 215 card, data will send to your phone directly, No need for a battery, No manual pairing. Compatible and programmable with all NFC-enabled cell phones and devices.

Ntag215 chip has all features same as Ntag 203, Ntag 213, Topaz 512, except that Ntag215 is the only chip that can be used to make Amiibo. Also compatible and programmable with all NFC-enabled devices including iPhone 7 8, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Nexus 7, Sony Xperia, Android Windows and Apple phones.

NFC NTAG 215 Card types including NFC printing cards, NFC business NFC NTAG 215 card, NFC NTAG 215 blank NFC card, custom NFC ntag215 card, NFC NTAG 215 key card ect.

DO RFID tag company is a professional NFC 215 Card manufacturer who offers high quality NFC printed NTAG 215 IC Cards, Custom NFC NTAG 215 tags, printable NFC NTAG 215 Cards etc. We accept custom orders too. Every step of our manufacturing process is governed by ISO 9001:2008 to insure and certify quality.

DO RFID tag company performance NFC products are perfect for any application such as, identification, E-payment, access control systems, time attendance systems, transportation ticketing, healthcare system, parking, telecom, employee ID cards, smart city, smart home and epoxy tags for the hotel key tag.

Custom your NFC 215 Card with your logo printing, it’s a good way to promote your brand as well as get sponsors. Printed and printable NFC 215 tags is not expeensive, but it’s a economy moving advertiser. Certainly, you can get more with NFC 215 tags & NFC 215 sticker. A high-quality NFC215 NFC Card supplier is one of the most important components of your business, and you can trust our products, our products include a one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance! If you do not know what are NFC card, where to buy NFC card, Please contact us.

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