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NTAG215 NFC tags

DO RFID tag manufacturer produce various NFC tags. The ntag215 NFC tags are small, inexpensive and portable, it with a tiny ntag215 chip and antenna operate at 13.56 MHz.

Ntag215 NFC tags usually embedded within a sticker, poster or other product and store data such as web addresses, product IDs and business card information, transmitting it to an NFC reader when in close proximity. The smart thing about NFC tags is that they don’t need batteries and never need to be recharged – they generate all the power they need from the Contactless transmission process itself.

The NTAG215 NFC tag series of NFC Tags contain the RFID chip which operates at a frequency of 13.56 MHz and is in accordance with the standard ISO14443A (NFC Type 2). The new NTAG215 tags series contains a selection of new features. The majority of these are password protection, excellent scanning distances, true anti-collision, etc. NTAG 215 NFC tag can be used in various NFC applications: can initiate an action, can initiate a function on the phone, print media smart advertisement, product authentication, business cards, etc.

DO RFID tag manufacturer custom the NTAG215 NFC tag in different sizes from 15mm-50mm. We supply the NTAG215 tag inlay and sticker both for various application. Label manufacturer buys the tag inlay and produces it to an NTAG215 tag. The anti-metal NTAG215 tag use for the metal project, Please kindly contact us and order the NTAG215 tag

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