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MSR reader writer

D.O RFID Tag company manufactures a range of stand-alone magnetic swipe readers (MSR) and writers suitable for many applications. The full range of readers is designed to read cards incorporating a magnetic swipe, including credit, loyalty, gift, and log-on cards. In addition, also the mag swipe readers can be deployed in airport duty-free shops to read boarding passes and tickets. Magnetic stripe card writers are available on request. Due to the potential for fraudulent use, we are required to carefully screen potential users before passing information. Readers are intuitive to operate, with a simple hand-swipe operation. A host connection can be made via industry-standard RS232 or USB interfaces.

MSR  is the magnetic stripe card reader that converts information on the magnetic stripe of a credit card into data that can be understood by retail software.

Magnetic Cards typically include a magnetic stripe encoded with the unique ID number allowing them to be processed with a standard MSR device.

The Magnetic Stripe Reader makes credit card transactions a breeze- a perfect Point Of Sale feature for any POS setup.

Bi-Directional magnetic stripe card reader able Swipe in any direction either from left to right or right to left with accuracy and convenience without any difference in readings or limitations.

our Magnetic Stripe Reader write Up to 500,000 passes with ISO-conforming cards

Long life span greater than 500,000 swipes of ISO magnetic strip cards. Never worry about a wearing head, or inaccurate readings because of it. The MSR card reader writer will last for years and years of accurate readings into your POS system.

DO RFID group manufacturing the Single, Dual, or Three Track magnetic stripe card reader writer.

The magnetic stripe card reader reads up to 3 tracks of data, e.g. decoding/encoding, and verifies up to 3 tracks of data simultaneously.  So in addition to reading the standard credit card and driver license formats, these readers will read custom formats such as 7-bit encoding on all 3 tracks. 

The magnetic swipe card with Magteck chip module, bi-directional swipe for all solutions. it easily and directly with computer or terminal, analog output o keyboard. 

our best magnetic card reader writer with Good Anti-interference, and excellent accurate reading. Operation response combines a diode and buzzer for notification of successful reading.

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