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RFID Nail Tags

RFID nail tag is an RFID traceable identification tag for trees and wood assortments. RFID Nail Tags in nail form. They are made of special plastic material that is durable enough for timber and other soft materials to be hammered into. RFID nail tag has a small size of only 6*36 mm and ferrite core antenna it gives a very good reading distance and durable robots.

DO RFID TAG manufacturer is an expert in the RFID market for more than 16 years. It is very easy to fit this transponder into the wood of any kind, including pallets, trees, furniture, etc. We can customize RFID nail tags with any RFID chips inside, such as TK4100, EM4100, EM4102, Mifare 1k, I code SLi, Mifare DESFire ev1 4k, Hitag 2, UHF etc.

RFID nail tags suitable for installation in concrete products, prefabricated parts, plastic products, wood, and other non-metallic items. For a variety of non-metallic materials management, security inspection, packaging and labeling, vehicle identification, park management, asset management, and other trees and identity management systems.

What are the benefits of RFID nail tags:

Non-transfer – RFID Nail tags are easily driven into place, and are nearly impossible to remove.

Reliability – high resistance to moisture, thermal fluctuation, vibration, and shock. Can be operated in wide temperature ranges. Suitable for being mounted in the tree and wooden. Recording– RFID nail tag with memory IC inside that can Record all information.

Traceability– RFID nail tag record all information about the products. For example, Furniture manufacturer can know the age of the tree in the forest, the fruiting rate of the fruit trees, and record all details of trees and wooden. The RFID nail tags can workable outside. It’s small size, no visible when installing in the wood, pallet or trees. DO RFID tag manufacturer produced various kinds of RFID nail tags , some of Big size RFID nail tag with UHF chip, you can get the data at the long distance of 60-70cm.

The old and renowned trees usually use RFID nail tags to record their information. After implantation, the chip of RFID nail tags will be activated by an RFID reader to read the trees’ information stored in the chip.

RFID reader sends real-time feedback to the background system through the mobile Internet. The system consists of three parts, namely monitoring management system, RFID handheld reader, RFID nail tags.

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