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RFID metal tag

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag can be tricky to mounting or embedding on metal. Because the metal surfaces block the energy emitted by RFID readers and generate interference for antennas for RFID tags, which prevents an RFID tag from receiving power and transmitting the information. DO RFID tag manufacturers developed the RFID metal tag with the proprietary technology to allow RFID to operate on metal surfaces and even inlaid with metal items. As long as your environment and application are focused on the right RFID equipment, you do not need to worry about metal interference.

How to use a RFID metal tag?

Start from here tips :

1. What are industries using metal RFID tag as a seal?

The anti-metal tag is perfect for tracking those assets and tools in medical devices, laptops, and servers in the IT industry, industrial manufacturing, oil and gas pipelines, and many other industries. Since the development of the RFID metal tags, the range of future applications of RFID technology is wide-ranging.

2. What types of places and environments are suitable for RFID metal tags?

This is because many RFID metal tags are exposed to harsh conditions, and therefore the anti-metal RFID tag is specially designed and equipped to withstand the conditions. These rugged RFID tags are typically encased within a hard shell and will survive hard impacts, extreme temperatures, and moisture exposure.

3. How can I place an RFID metal tag on any metal surface?

There are metal RFID tags that cover our variety of RFID applications. Each style of RFID metal tag should be attached by a unique method of attachment. tags suitable for the environments of your applications. So you have to find out suitable RFID tags for the environments of your applications.

Here we recommend many different rfid metal tags for your solution.

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