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NFC tags

It seems a little difficult to buy NFC tags If you don't know the technical of NFC and RFID.

There's a wide range of tags, shapes, and chips. DO RFID tag manufacturer has more than 17 years of experience and we will some information to help you buy the right  NFC tags.

Question 1: What is your application?

Different application have to choose different NFC tag. First, you need to considery which type of NFC tags or RFID tags you need. NFC tags and RFID tags come in a variety of models including NFC keyfobs, NFC wristbands, NFC labels, NFC hang tags, NFC anti-metal  tags,NFC hitemperature tags and more.

You choose it based on your application. For example, if you  want to add NFC to the visitor badges for tradeshow or even , then you have two options. The first is to stick a simple, plain, cheap NFC tag to the back of the common badges . The second is to create a  NFC visitor badges. The NFC badges will be NFC card or NFC wristband.

The lead time on the first option will be days and the cost will be low. On the second option, the lead time could be weeks, and the costs much higher.

For another example, maybe you want to add NFC to a wine bottle for marketing and authentication. You stick a thin NFC tag on the bottle, or you can custom a  NFC Anti-counterfeit tag like the photo.

If someone open bottle cap, the NFC Anti-counterfeit tag will not work anymore.

So you have to considery the fact one :Where will the NFC tag be placed ?

Outside or inside ? water or not, metal or wood. A normal NFC sticker isn't designed for outside, water or metal invirment use.

The NFC sticker is very cheap plan and use for normal application.  But if the application is metal , you have to choose anti-metal NFC tag ,If you use it outside, there are rain, water or sunshine, you have to use water-proof durable NFC tag. Tell the NFC tag manufacturer your exactly application, they will help you choose right NFC tag.

Considery the fact  two: How long will the NFC tag need to last ?

If you need a one time use tag for single event , then you can use the dispossilbe event NFC wristband or economy NFC card or NFC sticker . Secondly, how long do you need the memory to last. If you are using NFC tags for asset management, some NFC chips should hold the memory for years longer than others.

Considery the fact  three:Will the NFC tags or products need printing ?

Most NFC tag, NFC sticker or NFC wristband able print logo or brand, UID number or QR barcode. NFC tag whosaler is would like to custommized for you and take less cost.

Considery the fact  four:Do you need NFC programmed ?

Programmed is mean Encoding what is the process of putting data, such as a web address, into the memory of an NFC chip.

You can encoding NFC tag by NFC smartphone for small order quantity. Some Android or IOS mobile phone without NFC  and you woun't like to purchase NFC tag reader writer, you can buy a device

In lower quantities up to perhaps 100 tags this can often be managed by encoding with an Android mobile phone or encoding with an iPhone after purchase. In larger quantities order, the NFC tag supplier have automatic machine for encoding, it will cost much money.

In some cases you might need a UID list . Each NFC tag has a 14 character unique ID locked into the chip. The NFC tag supplier able provide NFC TAG with their UID file.

NFC tags used in public locations should be locked to prevent people tampering with them. you have to locked the NFC tag that the data cannot be changed .

Remember, this decision will need to be made before the NFC tags can be encoded

Once you know what you may need encoding, you can choose the NFC chip quickly.

If you are going  to store a URL (web address) and aren't using any encryption or advanced features, then you need an NTAG213 chip. If you have a short URL then consider the NTAG210 as it may be cheaper and scan performance is identical. An NTAG215/NTAG216 will cost you more as they have more memory. However, they are not 'better' NFC chips. They are functionally the same but with memory the vast majority of users not need.

If you aren't storing data but just need to access the UID for identification purposes, then either the NTAG213, NTAG210 or even MIFARE Ultralight® chips will work well for you.

If your link is long and/or you want to use the cheaper NTAG210 chips, you may want to use tag management software to keep it short.

Make sure your NFC tag supplier is using real NXP chips. There are a number of 'fake' chips on the market. The performance may be reduced, the memory may not last and the unique ID's may not be unique. DO RFID tag manufacturer is VIP partner of NXP, all of our NFC chips from NXP , please purchase any NFC tag from our factory witout any worry.

NFC tag supplier tell you how to reducing the costs of NFC tag.

The plain NFC tag is cheaper than printed NFC tag, so please you can order plain NFC tags without any printed.

NFC tags  are complicated microchip items and custom printing can add much cost. For example, you can can putting the plain NFC tag on the back of your poster instead to custom a NFC poster.

For example, if you are putting a NFC hangtag round the neck of a wine bottle, why not put a simple NFC tag on the back of regular printed hangtag  instead of  fully integrated printed NFC hangtag ?

Please kindly note,  the Bigger NFC chips doesn't equal better performance.

The most popular range of NFC tags include the NTAG series chips. It's important to note that the larger memory NTAG215/216 do not perform any better than the smaller NTAG210/212/213 chips. And, if you are storing a short web address/URL then the cheap NTAG210micro chip can work just as well. Bigger isn't better.

Choose your NFC tag manufacturer

DO RFID Tag Manufacturer produce various NFC tags.NFC Tags let you perform various kinds of information-related tasks. For example, you can use a tag to store information on various topics at a kiosk. Each tag has specific functionality that lets you use the tag for particular tasks.

In addition to the signaling technologies used by near field communication technology,including NFC TAG Type 1, type 2 nfc tag,NFC TAG Type 3,NFC TAG Type 4 exist.

NFC Tag types refer to the speed and compatibility between an NFC tag and NFC readers, and the roles define how active and passive devices respond during a NFC communication. Most often a URL will be embedded in a NFC tag. URLs take up only a small amount of memory, lowering the production cost of the NFC tags since many are placed on posters or other items that are thrown away later on. NFC tags can, however, hold nearly any type of information, though more memory costs more money.

NFC tag Stock

We have large stock for the regular NTAG series plain NFC tags, and able delivery to worldwide , that's meant you can get your goods in 3-7 days.

NFC tag Encoding

We encode NFC tag ourselves by automatic machine. It is fast and  no any problem , risk or errors. The machine will delete any data after finish encode, so you don't worry your data breach.

NFC tag Printing

We can printed your logo or brand,even if you request high quality pantone matching level.

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