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Windshield RFID tag

Windshield RFID tag with adhesive for tamper-proof, permanent windshield fastening. For parking applications, a windshield RFID tag provides a cost-effective long-range identification of automobiles. The RFID Windshield Tags are made to work with DO RFID Group's Long Range RFID Readers for access control and automatic vehicle identification.

The windshield RFID tag is a battery-free UHF read-only tag that may be permanently and tamper-evidently attached to a car for long-range vehicle access applications. The adhesive-attached non-transferable RFID Windshield Tag features a barcode on the front side and is mounted on the inside of the vehicle windshield. If you try to remove the label from the surface to which it is adhered, it is irrevocably destroyed due to the unique antenna design and the unusual adhesive utilized.

RFID Windshield Tags are the ideal solution for vehicle identification that lasts a lifetime. Use on any car that is tracked, whether it's on toll highways, in protected parking lots, or in gated communities. Passive RFID tags have a read range of 20 meters or more, allowing for efficient admission and egress. For maximum durability, subsurface printing is used. This RFID windshield tag may be customized to include your company logo or barcode on both sides.

Windshield RFID Tags provide a more precise and secure method of gaining entry to numerous venues, such as a gated neighborhood, company/corporate guarded parking, or even a car wash.

Controlling vehicle access to certain sites, whether they are corporate buildings, gated neighborhoods, or downtown parking lots, can be difficult. RFID Windshield Tags eliminate the need for on-site employees and the nuisance of stopping for a card reader. The destructible option employs deliberately positioned slits to make removing the tag from a windshield virtually impossible without damaging it, limiting undesired tag transfer to illegal vehicles.

Passive RFID technology is used in the Windshield RFID tag, which is encased between thin layers of polypropylene with human readable printing on one side and a windshield-compatible adhesive on the other. The RFID Windshield Tag, unlike other windshield tags on the market, uses passive RFID UHF technology, making it a more cost-effective alternative to active windshield tags. The unique RFID inlay, which is encased between thin RFID layers of polyester, does not require a standoff to read through or on a glass windshield. At no extra charge, a tamper-evident alternative with strategically positioned slits in the label and adhesive layers is also available.

Sub-surface printing, in which the printed media has a protective layer, is used for specialty RFID windshield stickers. To delete a copy from a label, it would be necessary to destroy the label. The read range of this UHF windshield tag is approximately 18+ feet. At no extra charge, a tamper-evident alternative with strategically positioned slits in the label and adhesive layers is also available.

Why choose DO RFID TAG Manufacturer for RFID windshield tags?

Using specific RFID inlays, our RFID windshield tags can be read through windshield glass.

There are no limits on the number of colors you can use, with up to four standard or bespoke colors available (custom barcode and full-color, one-sided printing of logos or other graphics)

The digital printing process allows for more detailed logos or custom designs to be printed.

A windshield rfid tag with a high frequency (HF) or a UHF frequency (UHF) is available.

Option for double-sided registration is available.

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