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RFID temperature sensor tags

What is the RFID temperature sensor tags ?

Our first state-of-the-art passive RFID temperature sensor tags bring new temperature detection features . The RFID sensor tags and inlays and tags designed to measure temperature conditions, e.g. in cold chain management. This RFID sensor inlay offers great performance, and accurately detects and measures Temperature.

DO RFID tag manufacturer offers a comprehensive portfolio of wireless and battery-free RFID temperature sensors ideal for system monitoring assets and processes.

Based on UHF RFID technology and NFC technology, these battery-free RFID temperature sensor tags use EPC C1G2 standard and ISO1443A commands to communicate their unique identification number and the associated temperature data to the RFID reader. Yes, our RFID temperature sensor tag with dual frequency 2 chips insides , then suitable for all of  your system. 

The passive RFID temperature sensor tags with a sensor node and NFC/UHF transponder that can sense temperature, and transmit the data by an RFID reader. It designed for applications such as supply cChain/ cold chain monitoring for perishable and valuable goods, asset tracking, Healthcare, Smart Apparel, and Smart Packaging and Smart Agriculture among others. 

The NFC temperature data logger enables full temperature traceability during the transport of temperature-sensitive products. The whole temperature history can be then directly accessed from any smartphone equipped with the NFC technology User can access to temperature history directly from any Android/IOS smartphone equipped with NFC technology .

The NFC temperature sensor tag with High precision sensor, it can be accurate range from -30 to +80°C, Sensing Precision +/ - 0.5 degrees. NFC temperature sensor tags with Logging and Timer system Easy to see if the cold chain has been breached during transport NFC temperature data logger tag with 1.8V paper battery and thickness less than 500micron, so it is very thin and small are beneficial for cold chain tracking at the carton and item level. 

We can custom it in ISO credit card size or label type. User sticks the NFC temperature data logger tag on the products and programmed with any shipping or product information. Access to temperature history is protected via RFID temperature sensor tag's PIN code and data transferred to the cloud is encrypted. More security for the user. Applications Pharmaceutical and medical Food and beverage Chemicals and polymers Other temperature-sensitive goods

Why purchase RFID temperature sensor tags  from DO RFID tag manufacturer ?

The Passive RFID temperature monitoring tag is much smaller and thinner than battery powered sensors, much more flexible than wireless active sensing tags and more cost-effective. They are actually useful for disposable and voluminous applications because of their low cost.

Our passive RFID sensor tags enable users to constantly monitor temperatures and to provide essential information for informed decisions with the ability to access and collect quality data.

RFID temperature sensor tags and monitoring tags for various applications, for example steel production, send temperature data to the RFID Reader to warn users of unsafe conditions. In the case where an asset such as an asset conveyor roll or belt is too close to unacceptable temperature, passive RFID temperature sensors are used for assets and signal an alarm. RFID temperature sensors for passive system monitoring processes are an excellent solution.

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