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RFID tags on clothes

RFID tags on clothes are better to keep track of them.

Similar Walmart retail stores and other big warehouses have a hard time tracking their entire inventory. But use  RFID tags on clothes rid tags save time, effort, and money cuts down on manufacturing, shipping, stock-take, and sales. From a security point of view, having RFID tags on clothes instead of bulky security tags cuts down on cost, and allows minimum risk to the garment itself, as the RFID is added to the cloth brand label, hangtag, or price label and not the fabric.

RFID in clothes helps the seller tracking their garment stock. They can quickly find out where a garment is stored and also proactively re-stock a particular style before it gets sold out completely. RFID tagging helps in tracking which style is moving fast and what designs are more in demand. In the fast-moving supply chain scenario, RFID tagging does the job in seconds and keeps the manufacturer and seller ready with their stock on time.

Not only use for warehouse management but RFID chips in clothing is very useful for :

RFID garment tags are more visibility than barcodes, user can automatically be tracked and monitored at each step of the supply chain without vision or hand. Users can easily find out missing products and track damages.

RFID apparel tags with long-lasting, highly durable, and long-lasting traditional tags and barcode labels are very easily tampered with and damaged due to wear and tear. but RFID tags do not get damaged in harsh environments, heat, dirt, and mud.

The RFID clothing labels have a dedicated RFID chip with a unique number that cannot be copied. Traditional systems and barcodes are vulnerable to data breaches and recording errors. Anyone can easily duplicate a barcode. RFID tags offer advanced data encryption which hackers cannot copy.  It also reduces any chances of missed items when used to collect data on large numbers of items at once, thereby minimizing the chances of a human error.

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The RFID chip in clothing is NFC or UHF . The NFC chip with a short read distance and don't support bulk reading, user have to read each object one by one by NFC reader.   But, with RFID UHF rain chip, thousands of RFID cloth tags can be scanned in seconds reducing the operational time to a great extent. Also, RFID technology can be integrated with other manufacturing and supply chain technologies and the lead time between order to delivery can be reduced considerably.

DO RFID tag manufacturer produced the RFID tag with NFC or UHF , also both chips in one tag.

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