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NFC Label

Soon, the NFC will full your world. You'll have instant access to information about products, services, landmarks and even people, all thanks to near field communication (NFC) technologyand the smart label that work with NFC.For example, a smart label could be embedded into a flyer. Tap the tag, and you're directed to a web site. Or, at your favorite restaurants, you can touch your phone to an NFC label menu and voila -- you have the entire menu on your phone, along with nutritional information and mouth-watering descriptions of the ingredients in your favorite dishes. The NFC lable also called NFC tags, smart tags, info tags.but their basic architecture is similar to RFID tags. They both have a bit of storage memory, along with a radio chip attached to an antenna. The only real difference is that NFC label are formatted to be used with NFC systems. And they're small and cheap enough to integrate into all sorts of products: posters promoting circus tour dates, ski lift passes, stickers, business cards, prescription bottles and even ruggedized labels meant for outdoor use. When it comes to the potential uses of NFC labels, there are no limits. But what exactly gives an NFC tag its enchanting powers? See below NFC labels.

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