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RFID inlay

Wet RFID Inlay

Due to their adhesive backing, RFID Wet Inlays are classified as "wet," making them effectively industrial RFID stickers. An integrated circuit for storing and processing information, as well as an antenna for receiving and delivering the signal, make up passive RFID labels. They don't have an internal power source. RFID Wet Inlays are ideal for use in applications that require a low-cost "peel-and-stick" tag. A paper or synthetic face label can be made from any RFID Wet Inlay.

Dry RFID Inlay

Due to the lack of an adhesive base, RFID Dry Inlays are referred to as "dry." An RFID microchip (IC) and antenna are attached to a material or substrate called a web using dry inlays. These inlays have a laminated appearance and come without glue as standard.

 RFID inlay manufacturers

With its rapid development technique and state-of-the-art lab equipment for performance tuning and testing, DO RFID tag manufacturer provides best-in-class RFID inlay designs and RFID tag technology. We can bring a wide range of RFID inlay types, form factors, and performance to market, allowing finished RFID tags and RFID stickers to be attached to nearly anything.

DO RFID tag manufacturers have their own RFID Tag Innovation Centers all over the world. Each of these RFID Service Centers is staffed by qualified RF engineers who can create and test RFID. Our RFID inlay designs combine the most up-to-date IC technology, providing customers with the most innovative and performance-enhanced inlay to meet even the most demanding tagging needs.

DO RFID TAG manufacturers make a variety of RFID Inlays?

It's difficult to know which RFID inlay is ideal for your application with so many different RFID inlays and manufacturers to select from. Fortunately, our extensive expertise with real-world retail deployments has enabled us to identify some of the most critical considerations when selecting RFID inlays for any retail operation. There are several factors to consider while evaluating RFID inlays:

1. RFID inlay Dimensions:

The ideal RFID inlays will be small enough to blend in with the label or hang tag, but powerful enough to provide a long scan range for optimal inventory accuracy.

2. RFID inlay size frequency:

The majority of applications employ UHF Class 1 Gen 2 V2, RFID, which has a worldwide bandwidth of 860960MHz. The UHF RFID frequency in most countries is 902-928MHz. The majority of European countries use 865.868MHz. Our inlays are optimized to span the whole worldwide UHF RFID frequency spectrum, resulting in an inlay that can be used anywhere in the globe.

3. RFID inlay ICs:

Integrated circuits are required for inlays to function (IC). NXP, Impinj, and Alien are the three largest IC manufacturers in the world. Our product line is extensive and includes all of the leading IC chips, allowing customers to choose the RFID IC that has the data format and functionality they require, such as passwords, kill instructions, and encryption.

Of course, there are other factors to consider, but no one should be forced to make this decision alone. SML's knowledgeable staff is eager to speak with you and assist you in selecting the best RFID inlays for your needs. Please also read our white paper, "How to Choose an RFID Inlay for Retail Inventory Management," which discusses even more considerations to consider when selecting the proper inlay and digs deeper into the technical aspects of SML's excellent RFID technology selection.

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