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MIFARE Plus® provides end-user solution providers with a seamless upgrade of existing infrastructure and services with low cost procedures. This new MIFARE® product has been developed and supported by card and reader manufacturers and solution developers, and is the only MIFARE Classic®-compatible mainstream smart card IC featuring pre-issuance of cards prior to infrastructure changes. Key Features including: 4 Kbytes EEPROM Simple fixed memory structure compatible with MIFARE Classic® (MIFARE® Mini MF1 S20, MIFARE® MF1 S50, MIFARE®MF1 S70 ) Memory structure as in MIFARE® 4k (sectors, blocks) Unique serial number (4 or 7 byte) Multi-sector authentication Multi-block read Anti-tear function for writing AES keys Keys can be stored as MIFARE Classic® keys (2 x 48 bit per sector) or AES keys (2 x 128 bit per sector) Access conditions freely configurable Number of single write operations: 200,000 Model: Mifare Plus® X 2K 7 byte UID Mifare Plus® X 2K 4 byte UID we have the right card to work with your MIFARE Plus® compatible system, at the worldwide’s lowest price guaranteed. If you require any additional information, feel free to call us or email info@dorfidtag.com and one of our highly trained Mifare sales members will be able to help.

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