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Mifare 1k S50 card

The MIFARE Classic® 1K S50 proximity smart card is based on NXP MF1 IC S50, which is connected to coils and then embedded into the plastic to form the passive contactless smart card. The communication layer (MIFARE RF Interface) complies with part 2 and 3 of the ISO/IEC14443A standard. It is a contactless transmission of data and energy and no battery is needed.

MIFARE Classic® 1K S50 Contactless Card with 1K bytes EEPROM that complies with ISO 14443A,it is the most widely used contactless smart card in the market. Proximity RFID cards are based on radio frequency identification technology (RFID). The MIFARE Classic® 1K S50 card has 16 sectors of 4 data blocks each,it has some built-in security features. The communication is encrypted by the proprietary stream cipher CRYPTO1. Keys The 48-bit keys used for authentication are stored in the sector trailer of each sector. mifare Classic 1K S50 uses symmetric keys. Authentication Protocol Mifare Classic makes use of a mutual three pass authentication protocol that is based on ISO 9798-2 according to the Mifare documentation.

MIFARE Classic® 1K S50 proximity Card is a contactless smart card that is used extensively in access control for office buildings, payment systems for public transport, and other applications. According to the Mifare Classic 1K S50 complies with parts 1 to 3 of the ISO standard 14443-A, specifying the physical characteristics, the radio frequency interface, and the anti-collision protocol. The Mifare Classic 1K S50 does not implement part 4 of the standard, describing the transmission protocol, but instead uses its own secure communication layer. In this layer, the Mifare Classic 1K S50 uses the proprietary stream cipher CRYPTO1 to provide data confidentiality and mutual authentication between card and reader.

MIFARE Classic® 1K S50 Proximity Card is essentially a memory chip with secure wireless communication capabilities. The memory of the tag is divided into sectors, each of which is further divided into blocks of sixteen bytes each. The last block of each sector is the sector trailer and stores two secret keys and the access conditions for that sector. To perform an operation on a specific block, the reader must first authenticate for the sector containing that block. The access conditions determine which of the two keys must be used.

MIFARE Classic® 1K S50 Proximity Card was the first IC to be used in high volume public transport ticketing in a major transport project in Seoul, Korea. Continuing this success, cities such as London, Beijing, Taipei, Pusan and many more are adopting MIFARE as the contactless interface platform for the present and future.MIFARE Classic 1K is primarily used in closed systems as fixed value tickets (e.g. weekly or monthly travel passes) or as tickets where value is extracted from the card by the service provider.From May 2010 onwards, a MIFARE Classic 1K variant is also available with a 7 Byte UID. For future outlook regarding the 4 Byte UIDs see 4-7 Byte UID.

MIFARE Classic® 1K S50 Proximity Card:1024 byte memory is organized as sixteen sectors, each of which is made up of four blocks and each block is 16 bytes long. The first block in the memory (Block 0) is read-only and is set in the factory to contain the four-byte serial number (UID), check bytes and manufacturers data. The last block of each sector (Blocks 3, 7, 11, 15……59, 63) is the Sector Trailer Block which contains the two security Key codes (Key A and Key B) and the Access bits that define how the sector can be accessed. Taking into account the Serial Number/ Manufacturers Block and the Sector Trailer Blocks then there are 752 bytes of free memory for user storage. For all Read and Write operations the Mifare card memory is addressed by Block number (in hexadecimal format).

MIFARE Classic® 1K S50 is fundamentally used for storing memories, while a simple security mechanism divides the memories into segments. Therefore, it is ideal for high volume transactions in all different applications, such as transport ticketing, time attendance solutions, car parking, road-tolling, etc. It is mainly used in closed systems as fixed value tickets (e.g. weekly/monthly travel passes).

MIFARE Classic® 1K S50 card used for many applications, DO RFID tag manufacturer produced the compatible one, FM11RF08 Chip, also named F1108 or F08, is fully compatible with Mifare S50, the usage, performance, function are all the same. The only difference between them is F08 is designed and produced by Fudan Company, Mifare S50 is designed and produced by NXP company, this difference makes price different, F08 is cheaper than Mifare S50 proximity card. Currently, Mifare S50 cards are replaced by F08 smart Card in more and more systems.

In order to service more customers, we produced the MIFARE Classic® 1K S50 cards, MIFARE Classic® 1K S50 keyfobs,MIFARE Classic® 1K S50 RFID wristbands,MIFARE Classic® 1K S50 NFC tags, MIFARE Classic® 1K S50 card readers,MIFARE Classic® 1K S50 RFID tokens . Some RFID application needs high security, our manufacturer supply the Mifare DESFire ev1 card , Mifare DESFire EV2 card, Mifare DESFire plus cards.


User-definable access conditions for each memory block

Each card has a unique serial number

Each sector has a separate set of passwords and access control

Each card has a unique serial number: 32 bit

With the anti-collision mechanism, support multi-card operation

No power supply, with antenna, including encryption control logic and communication logic circuit

Working temperature: -20℃~50℃

Operating distance up to 100 mm depending on antenna geometry and reader configuration

Contactless transmission of data and supply energy

Data integrity of 16-bit CRC, parity, bit coding, bit counting

Typical ticketing transaction time of < 100 ms (including backup management)


Public transportation

Access management

Electronic toll collection

Car parking

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