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Blank RFID cards

What is printable Blank RFID card ?

Plastic identity cards with integrated circuits (IC) are known as RFID cards. Depending on the type of card and the smart card seller, they are also known as "smart ID cards," "contactless cards," or "chip cards."

RFID Cards can be printed on PVC, PET, or paper. Credit card shape (85.5*54mm) is the standard shape, however bespoke shapes are also available. The blank RFID cards do not have any content printed on them. You can use your own ID card printer to print on the printable RFID cards, which is a great way to personalize high-quality ID cards on a tight budget.

Employee ID cards, security passes, membership/loyalty cards, staff ID badges, and other uses are common. Standard photo ID card printers, such as DataCard, Zebra, Fargo, Evolis, Magicard, Nisca, NBS, and others, can produce these blank RFID cards.

Why custom printable blank RFID cards from us ?

The blank RFID cards are inkjet printable RFID cards containing an RFID chip that works at 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz and may be printed on EPSON or Canon printers.

These blank RFID cards can be personalized, portrait cards, IC cards, and campus cards, among other things. Professional production techniques such as laminating and overplasticization are unnecessary.

The procedure of creating blank RFID cards is as straightforward and quick as printing regular documents, and it costs less.

Inkjet printing on white blank RFID cards can produce a photo-level printing effect. Fast drying, high-gloss, waterproof, wear-resistant, direct usage after printing, no post-processing, and more versatile are some of its features. Our waterproof and durable RFID cards can be printed. It is a groundbreaking development in the card market that inkjet printable white cards may be turned into personalized cards, portrait cards, IC cards, and magnetic cards. Professional production techniques such as laminating and overplasticization are unnecessary. Complete the entire card-making process using your existing Epson or Canon inkjet printers.

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