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NFC Poster

There is an innovation already in the advertising business is near-field-communication (NFC). NFC devices are relatively inexpensive but do amazing things: users can interact by touching their mobile device to an NFC-enable “NFC smart poster.”NFC smart posters are items embedded or affixed with an NFC inlay which allow for easy communication and transfer of data. Whenever an individual places their NFC device near the smart poster, the NFC tag will transfer data and/or launch a task on the device. Typically, NFC smart posters are used in advertisements such as magazine advertisements, fliers, billboards, and other physical mediums.NFC smart posters are favored over many other digital forms of communication because NFC technology is typically a native feature of the consumer’s mobile device. Since it’s a native feature, no special applications are needed to initiate the communication between NFC tags and devices; they simply require close proximity. On the other hand, QR codes require special applications to initiate any interactions. below products help you to know more about NFC poster.

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