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Hand Sanitizer Bracelet

Even after COVID-19 passes, Germ control is more important than ever before, you need a way to keep germs and viruses off your hands.

The hand sanitizer bracelet is the perfect accessory for anyone who’s exposed to germ-laden environments. We’ve made our bracelet strong enough for daily use in all environments. It’s a durable product you can wear every day. We knew the hand sanitizer bracelet had to stand up to constant opening and closing, squeezing, filling, and temperature changes. We’ve even tested the hand sanitizer bracelet underwater. It had to go through a full cycle of use for days, weeks, and months in a row. Our durable bracelet will last if you’re in a medical setting, a school setting, an office setting, or on the road. It will be there when you need it.

Our refillable, easy-to-wear hand Sanitizer wristband ensures you always have sanitizer literally on-hand at all times.

We are silicone hand sanitizer bracelet manufacturer, we produced the hand sanitizer bracelet for men, women and children. The safe and stylish wearable hand sanitizer wristband is made of eco-friendly silicone material. This soft material won’t chafe or irritate skin. It won’t harbor bacteria. Simply swipe excess sanitizer over the top to make sure it stays germ free after use. It’s suitable for anyone to wear.

The hand sanitizer bracelet is lightweight. The strap fits like an extremely comfortable and adjustable watch band. These bracelets are easy for anyone to use. Children will think they’re fun to use, especially in the bright, cheerful colors you can get. Older adults won’t have trouble using these soft bracelets. They’re perfect for people of all ages.

The soft, flexible hand sanitizer wristbands contain a refillable reservoir. When you first get the hand sanitizer bracelet, you remove the plug on the reservoir and fill with a sanitizer of your choice – gel sanitizer works best! The wristband will expand as it fills with the sanitizer. Each refill will give you 6 to 10 normal uses. Simply fill your bracelet once in the morning and go about your day with no worries. Never forget your hand sanitizer at home again!

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