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NFC paper

NFC paper sheet comprises 3 layers of paper: two layers of papers, the middle paper with pre-printed RFID circuitry, and an NFC chip. The 3 sheets are then laminated to be an NFC enabled paper that can be programmed to trigger a multitude of functions on any NFC-enabled device.

NFC paper can be printed, finished, and handled as you would any other paper. This enables magazine advertisements, packaging, retail labels, book covers, cosmetics, and other high-value printed materials to be interactive and deliver additional content, such as special offers, coupons, product information, and other information.

We are constantly developing new types of NFC paper RFID paper.

Our products are ready for conventional printing and finishing. NFC paper with printing electronic circuitry, its ultra-smooth surface, for yielding impressively high-precision patterning of circuitry. You can make it to any paper products, such as certification, flyer, shop bag, package, book, etc.

NFC paper is a smooth paper substrate with a specially adapted coating that creates the ideal surface for printing electronic circuits directly onto paper products, eliminating the need for plastics and additional processes. It is recyclable, biodegradable, and durable quality, it is lightweight and flexible, so circuits can be folded, cut, torn, or even burned to produce any desired function.

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