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RFID Laundry Tag

What is RFID laundry tag ?

RFID laundry tag has the resilience of high-pressure sterilization. It is tiny, strong, chemical immune, and also washable as well as completely dry cleansing, as well as can be cleaned at high temperature. Stitching it on garments can help to instantly identify as well as accumulate info, and is extensively utilized in washing administration, consistent rental management, clothes warehousing management as well as other areas, decreasing labor expenses as well as improving work performance. It appropriates for health centers, manufacturing facilities and other atmospheres with rigorous needs.

RFID Washable laundry tag of RFID plays a vital duty in the recognition as well as management of garments. The UHF RFID  technology is utilized to realize the efficient management of rapid collection, arranging, automatic inventory and also collection of clothing in the washing industry, which substantially improves the work performance and also reduces the error rate. RFID bed linen administration via the installment of RFID laundry tags, the use of RFID desktop reader type, portable RFID reader, fixed reader and also other automated recognition of each monitoring procedure of smart monitoring mode, to ensure that clothes linen can better monitoring. With the water resistant RFID laundry tag, the combined recycling, logistics and also approval can be finished precisely, which significantly enhances the unified monitoring effectiveness.

DO RFID Tag manufacturer developed the RFID laundry tags for the laundry industry hostile working environment they can increase process efficiency,our new Laundry Tag is specifically designed to withstand the harsh demands of the laundry industry and similar application areas, such as hotels, hospitals, clothing or costume rental and work clothes supply, as well as commercial laundries.Please contact us for any RFID laundry tag price.

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