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RFID watch

RFID watch is RFID wristband with RFID chip inside. Some of RFID watch is silicone wristband same shape as the watch, but some of the RFID watches is machine watch, electric watch or smartwatch with RFID and RFID antenna embedded inside.

The RFID band is Water-proof and hard-wearing, these comfortable silicone bracelets are a perfect solution for leisure complexes, theme parks, water parks, sports activities, and outdoor events. Ideal for applications including brand activation and cashless payments, they can also be used to capture data of your visitors, to monitor activity durations and for secure locker management.

RFID, the much-hyped technology that's turned up on dirty laundry, luggage, and even now made its way to posh watches.

Put the tracking RFID tags into watch, with a view to stopping the trade in counterfeit timepieces that sees thousands of pounds ripped off big name watch sellers such as Rolex.

The tiny RFID tags into the glass crystal of watches or fixing one to the glass front so it doesn't interfere with the mechanical workings. Attaching it to the watch-front also means that the metal parts of the watch - or wearer's wrist - won't interfere with the tag being read and that tags can be added to ready-manufactured watches.

DO RFID tag manufacturer produce the imitation RFID bands and real RFID bands, the rfid chip including a low frequency (125KHz), high-frequency (13.56MHz) our UHF.

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