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D.O RFID Group produced the UHF RFID reader writer. The are long read range reader,the Max read range: 6M,Longer read range 10M,15M,25M available.Water and dust proof, anti-interference, can work under thunder and light, IP55 Splash Proof.

What is UHF RFID Reader?

DO RFID Reader manufacturer is the largest UHF RFID reader supplier.

Here, UHF RFID Reader manufacturer tells you what is the UHF RFID reader.

RFID is an electronic microchip device with a tag (or transponder), reader (or questioner), to read and write the data. A magnet or electromagnet field exchange between the tag and the reader is achieved. The RFID technology was initially developed by the United States military for missile tracking purposes. 

The UHF RFID reader with RFID antenna can be transmitted data over a distance of over 10 m. The RFID reader sends the result to the host machine after the RFID  tag data has been decoded. Since the RFID UHF reader is relatively long in range and can identify multiple RFID tags, it can be used in the areas of protection, security, and logistics as the key substitute technology for standard bar code systems.

RFID is a contactless device for radiofrequency information detection. Continuous development in the Internet, low-cost RFID tag manufacturing and the standardization of electric identification codes have contributed to the practical implementation of this technology by industry. RFID technology uses several frequency ranges, such as low frequency (LF, 30 ∼ 300 kHz), high frequency (HF, 3∼30 MHz, typically 13.56 MHz), ultra-high frequency (UHF, 0.3 ∼ 3 GHz), and microwave (>3 GHz) and is classified accordingly as LF RFID, HF RFID, UHF RFID, and microwave RFID, respectively. The advantage of using LF RFID systems is that these systems are cost-effective, but they have short recognition ranges (<60 cm).

UHF is an RFID-technology ultra-high frequency, also known as the RAIN, with very high readability in contrast to both LF and HF RFID-tags. RAIN RFID is a good option if you try to track many products simultaneously, such as large cases full of space-moving products or a cabinet filled with inventories. The UHF RFID readers are being used in several markets including retail, health, life sciences, pharma, counterfeiting, transport, and development. When you looking at RAIN RFID for your solution, you have some stuff to remember. Since RAIN RFID has a very long wavelength, it is susceptible to interference in its application. In other words, materials such as metal or water can disorder its signal, but mechanisms are in place to ensure that UHF technology can track all products of any material.

The UHF RFID reader is RFID long range reader with 860 to 960 MHz band, Comply with the global, universally adopted UHF Gen2 standard (EPCglobal Gen2 ISO 18000-63)Ultra-High Frequency RFID readers have the fastest reading speed and the longest read range. While near-range UHF passive RFID tags are an option, compared to HF RFID tags, near-range UHF RFID tags have a shorter and narrower read range.

Long range UHF RFID reader can read at ranges as far as 20 meters with a passive UHF RFID tag or UHF RFID card.

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