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D.O RFID TAG company is a RFID card manufacturers & factory, professional RFID card manufacturers , NFC tags suppliers and RFID Wristband company in shenzhen china for 15 years — Source Quality Products and Enjoy Efficient Service.

Combi Hybrid Card

DO RFID TAG expertise enabled to bring together on the same card the enhanced features of LH,HF and UHF chips. A Twinset contactless card holder can access his parking lot with the UHF chip and enter his building with the HF chip. Single-frequency cards can be provided with any commercially available .low frequency (LF) chip, where patented direct bonding technology ensures highly durable chip-antenna connections and a perfectly flat card surface for superior printing results. Single-frequency cards may also be produced with a low frequency(LF), high frequency (HF) or UHF integrated chip. Convergence of HF and UHF technology on the same card for innovative multiplication Twinset is a new generation of LH, HF and UHF cards targeted for the identification market offering a long and a short range communication distance. This innovative product finds its new applications into the security and identity markets. Finished cards can integrate contact memory devices as well, such as a smart card microcontroller of magnetic strip. Finally, visual ID solutions complete the package. Technology highlights contactless ISO cards from DORFIDTAG offer extensive options-customers choose to embed a single IC or select up to three chip in a card---including LF, HF, UHF.contact technologies including smart card controllers, and magnetic stripe can also be incorporated in these standard ISO size cards for universal compatibility in card printer’encoders.they are manufacture using direct chip bonding process with perfectly flat printable surfaces card ISO 7810 compliant..

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