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125Khz RFID reader

125khz RFID reader use to read EM41000 card, TK4100 card .

125khz RFID reader  uses digital data in an RFID tag, which is made up of integrated circuits containing a tiny antenna for transferring information to an RFID transceiver. The majority of RFID tags contain at least an integrated circuit for modulating and demodulating radio frequency and an antenna for transmitting and receiving signals. 

RFID 125khz RFID reader  is a technology similar in theory to bar codes. However, the RFID tag does not have to be scanned directly, nor does it require line-of-sight to a reader. The RFID tag it must be within the range of an RFID reader, which ranges from 1 to 10cm, in order to be read. 

125kHz RFID readers and writers come in different form factors including desktop, handheld, wall mount and OEM modules. The combination of these form factors and USB, Serial / RS232 & Wiegand interface options make Promag RFID readers the best choice for many contactless/rfid applications, including security & access control. You can see below details for each 125khz RFID reader.

RFID 125khz RFID reader may be used in a variety of applications including:

Passports,Smart cards,Airplane luggage,Toll booth passes,Home appliances,Merchandise tags,Animal and pet tags,Automobile key-and-lock,Monitoring heart patients,Pallet tracking for inventory,Telephone and computer networks,Operation of spacecraft and satellites

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