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pet microchip scanners

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Why would you need a pet microchip scanners?

Pet microchip scanners are the ones that retrieve the unique number that identifies a dog or cat and helps identify the owner. Without a microchip scanner, the information contained in a microchip would remain inaccessible.

The pet microchip scanner is also useful in situations where you adopt a new dog. You have to scan if the dog has a pet microchip already, if yes, then it has an owner. you can help him to find out his owner, or update the pet registry with your details as the new owner. 

Losing a dog is an extremely upsetting time for both dog and dog owner and microchipping increases the likelihood that a dog will be reunited with its owner, making it an essential part of animal welfare law.

The reverse situation can of course happen where a total stranger finds your lost dog and uses their personal microchip reader to find you and return your dear pet to you. Surely you can hopefully see why owning your own pet microchip scanners can come in very handy

how to buy the best pet microchip scanner?

A good RFID pet reader should read all kinds of identity microchips. These pet chip scanners are known as universal scanners and are the standard type of pet chip scanners today.

If you’re looking for a microchip scanner to buy either for personal use or commercial purposes, such as a vet’s clinic or animal shelter. Please contact DO RFID Group company, we produced the pet microchip scanners, They come with top-notch features and excellent usability. Read through to choose the one that suits your needs and expectations.

The pet chip scanner is an ISO 134.2khz scanner that reads a wide range of microchips. Its sensitivity is also high, with the ability to detect a chip that’s 8 cm away. Once it scans a microchip, it retains the number in its memory that’s able to store up to 800 different IDs.

Transferring data from this scanner is made easy by the Bluetooth and the USB ISO 134.2 kHz RFID Chip Readerconnectivities it comes with. It means you can use a laptop smartphone or tablet to access the information it picks up. You can even use it to scan a pet while directly connected to your PC via a USB cable.

The scanner features durable construction and sturdy materials that enable it to withstand harsh conditions. To help protect it further and increase its lifespan, it comes with a cushioned carry case.

Powering this scanner is easy. It comes with a 1400mA rechargeable battery. You only need a USB cable to keep the battery full and the scanner in working condition.

pet microchip scanners Key Features:

High sensitivity with an 8 cm scanning distance

USB and Bluetooth functionalities

Rechargeable battery

ISO 134.2khz reading standard

Once implanted, they have a lifespan of about 25 years

Cannot be damaged, tampered with, or removed easily

Very inexpensive considering the reliability or durability

No power source required.

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