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RFID Animal tag

Our RFID animal tag for animal tracking provides you with a way to better track livestock or identify pets and exotics, as well as laboratory animals.

As commerce becomes increasingly global, the task of tracking and managing animals for food products becomes more critical and increasingly challenging. Animals may be transported over long distances, often mingling with livestock from different locations. Farm and zoo animals, as well as household pets, are all potential carriers of threatening diseases. So you have to use the rfid animal tag to protect, tracking and manage livestock. More and more governments worldwide are insisting on widespread animal tagging. For livestock, animal identification is essential in guaranteeing food chain security and food traceability, which is critical to public health as well as a necessary response to consumers’ growing desire to understand the origin of their food and its sustainability.

For pets and other animals, tagging offers peace of mind to owners worried about animals straying, and tags are essential for identifying animals that accompany us across borders — for example, to verify legal ownership, or to ensure that a pet has the correct vaccinations required to enter a specific country.

Our RFID animal tag affords you the opportunity to help monitor livestock and other species, as well as laboratory and laboratory animal testing. The commercial industry is becoming increasingly global, and tracing and managing animal food is an increasingly important task. Animals may be transported to various locations. Farm and zoo animals as well as household pets might be reservoirs of disease. In order to protect, track and manage livestock, you should use a rfid animal tag.

More and more governments across the world are insisting on issuing mandatory COAS RFID tags for all animals. Food chain security and food traceability is essential in guaranteeing food safety and ensuring traceability on where food comes from. RFID Tags for pets and other animals offer peace of mind for the owner and assurance of service.

What is RFID animal management?

The RFID animal management has an RFID animal tag, RFID anima reader, and a central server. Each RFID animal tag has a unique 12-digit code, just like a national citizen card number. It allows quick and accurate electronic identification of livestock. RFID animal tags have been made available in full-duplex and half-duplex forms to meet the needs of your specific applications.

Based on different animals, DO RFID tag manufacture provide different kinds of RFID animal tags. RFID glass tag use for some small animals. It is enclosed in a bio-compatible glass which is pet/livestock friendly. This is a popular product for tracking pets.

We also offer RFID ear tags that are excellent for applications that demand high anti-collision rates. It is piercing or drilling in the ear or skin of the animal. Once the RFID tag is affixed, then data such as the animal's breed, birth date, milk yield, and title can be recorded. This RFID animal tag reader will also retain information about the cow's ID number, date of birth, health records, and migration status.

RFID animal tags ranging from cattle ear tags, small animal ear tags, and even PIT tags, you can easily identify and track information about your livestock. The new livestock tracking RFID system includes the RFID tags, RFID readers, RFID antennas, and the log of your information. The UHF cattle tags can also be used in place of or with GPS to track the movement of animals.

Our RFID animal tag and reader with 98% accuracy, the history of every cow can be recorded and retrievable, and the animal and its products can be traced back to the origins for enhanced cattle breeding, food safety, and trade.

RFID animal tag benefits :

Solutions for domestic pets, livestock and zoo animals

The product ranges for the identification of animals include RFID glass tags for pets, zoo animals, fish, dog and smaller farm animals. We also supply RFID ear tags to support convenient, reliable, and cost-effective livestock tracking. Our animal identification products are available in different diameters and with different high-frequency identification technologies.

Feed Control & Health/Breeding Records

RFID animal tags can also enable automation of routine tasks. For example, feed machines can be configured to dispense a certain amount of feed per animal, it can even be different per animal, ensuring that they achieve optimal growth and health. Veteranty health records and breeding history can be directly entered into the database, saving the future owner the effort of sorting through and organizing these details when it comes time to sell the animal. Perhaps more accurately than we are able to do manually, information are retained and don't fade away.

Poacher & Theft Protection

Most household pets are now equipped with a RFID animal tag so that they can be identified nationwide and returned home. The larger tags allow long range technologies like UHF or Active RFID to be used which increases the range of the reader.

Livestock Tracking and Animal Identification

As we increase international trade, standards will continue to be refined. With livestock, these standards have undergone significant adaptation and expansion to ensure that diseases and paracites are not introduced in new countries. These new standards are documented as ISO 11784, ISO 11785 and ISO 14223-1 and are applied across the United States, Canada, Australia and much of Europe and other regions.

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