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NFC Keyring

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a unique technology for creative marketing and mobile payments. Most of the recent smartphones support NFC. so you can use NFC tags, NFC keyrings, NFC cards to create more fun and practical stuff. For example, The NFC Keyring could send a person to your company/personal website.

The NFC keyring is NFC keychain or NFC keyfob, it made of durable ABS/PC material, or soft silicone material is available too. If you are looking for an eco-friendly material, the high-quality oak, maple, cherry or walnut wood keyring is best to choose. Theses NFC key ring allowing for its safe use in wet circumstances as well. Overall customer experience can be improved through wide use of such NFC key chain tags especially because of the increase in processing speed that it will provide.

many possible digital contents and the free design of the keyring in different shapes and sizes guarantee the uniqueness of your NFC key fob.

NFC keyring is a new marketing tool, unlike using QR codes, the user does not need to download or even load an app to read. Just tap the NFC keyring with an NFC-enabled mobile phone and the content loads up automatically. You will need suitable hardware for writing (and reading) NFC keyring.

The NFC enable smartphone support reader/writer NFC keychain. If your smartphone without NFC module, you can use the USB NFC reader/writer .

Each NFC tag keychain contains a unique NFC chip to let people pay by simply tapping the tags on their mobile phones.

Take the NFC keychain to a mobile phone while out at events, NFC keychain holders do not have to take along a wallet with their money or credit cards in it. Payment can be made through the NFC mobile phone. The prepaid NFC keyring must be tapped to a mobile phone within 5 cm of the phone and payment can be made. There is no need to provide a signature or walk around with cards while this mobile device is in the hands of an individual.

NFC comply with ISO 14443A encryption so it is read and write-protected by a password.

NFC keyring increased efficiency in NFC E-payment service, NFC mobile ticketing services, and loyalty services.

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