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Impinj M800 RFID tag inlay

The M800 series by Impinj is a line of RAIN RFID tag chips designed to meet the growing demands of large enterprises. They boast low power consumption and outstanding readability, making them suitable for a wide range of goods, from apparel and electronics to sports equipment, home goods, and general merchandise. These tags are directly compatible with Impinj M700 series antenna designs, which accelerates time to market. They feature enhanced AutoTune adaptive radio frequency tuning capabilities, improving tag sensitivity for enhanced readability across various materials, tag shapes, and operating frequencies. These tags prevent multiple reads of the same chip, ensuring more accurate reads of challenging tags within complex tag populations.

The M800 series comprises the M830 and M850 chips, with the M830 featuring 128 bits of EPC memory and the M850 featuring 96 bits of EPC memory and 32 bits of user memory. Both chips are compatible with the GS1 UHF Gen2v2 protocol, standardized as ISO/IEC 18000-63. These tags support data protection modes, making RAIN tags invisible to RAIN readers and capable of returning to normal operation, using secure PINs to make them visible to RAIN readers. They come with an Integra memory diagnostics toolset to validate chip health and verify data encoding, ensuring more reliable tags and consistent, accurate data transmission.

These RAIN RFID chips feature omnidirectional Impinj Core3D Antenna™ and a reading sensitivity of -25.5 dBm. They utilize enhanced bonding techniques and updated bond pad designs to improve chip-to-antenna connections, thus enhancing tag reliability and manufacturability. Leading global RFID technology provider DO RFID Tag Manufacturer announces the launch of three new Impinj M800 high-performance series RAIN RFID inlay products. Compared to previous generations, the all-new Impinj M800 series significantly enhances reading sensitivity (-1.5 dB), AutoTuneTM performance, and backscatter efficiency, while also reducing size.

The performance of the Impinj M800 series extends the reading range of RAIN RFID tags, enabling connectivity for small retail items such as jewelry and cosmetics, while greatly enhancing packaging and asset tracking efficiency. Additionally, the new Impinj Enhanced Enduro™ bond pads enrich our product lineup with enhanced IC adhesion, providing users with unparalleled mechanical stability, assembly consistency, and manufacturing reliability. Market forecasts indicate that the Impinj M800 series will revolutionize the retail industry.

DO RFID TAG manufacturer always adheres to research and development investment, maintains keen insights into future technology trends, and is committed to providing leading technological products to help the retail industry improve efficiency and achieve intelligence. The launch of Impinj M800 series products is driven by our core reliance on innovative thinking and exceptional execution. Let us look forward to the revolutionary changes that the Impinj M800 series will bring to the retail industry!

The following Impinj M800 RFID inlay models are also available for M700 chips.

impinj m800 rfid tag inlay.jpg

impinj m800 rfid tag.jpgm800 rfid inlay.jpg

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