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Key fob cards

DO RFID TAG manufacturer is the best plastic card printer for custom key tags. Our plastic key fob cards are made of the highest quality materials to ensure durability that allows continuous reuse time after time. If you’re interested in exploring other plastic card options, DO RFID TAG manufacturer also offers plastic key fob and card/key tag hanger combos.

Plastic Key fob cards have grown in popularity over the last couple of years as a result of advances in card production technologies, as well as extra convenience and durability.

Many business owners like to reward their loyal customers by offering smaller plastic key tags as a convenient alternative to larger plastic discount and loyalty card. The customers can enjoy all special offers and discounts using an easy-to-carry plastic key fob, while you benefit from the same security, sales tracking and POS compatibility as the larger plastic cards.

Membership clubs are also turning to plastic key tags as a secure method of allowing access to gyms and fitness centers, tracking member participation and offering club specials. Plastic key tags can be carried on a key chain, in a wallet or purse, or in the side pocket of a gym bag or backpack, making them easy to reach and less likely to be misplaced.

Made to the same exacting standards as a credit card, and printed either litho, digital or screen, these durable PVC miniature plastic cards can be personalized by name, number or even a barcode to work along with any scanning systems you have in place.

We provide key tags printing and mail service, we associated plastic key fob tags onto personalized letters and mail to the end-user.

Using a key fob dimension as part of a well-placed plastic card campaign can improve usability and the uptake of a scheme, ultimately benefiting both the card scheme provider and the end customer.

We custom variety of shapes and sizes of plastic key tags.

Stand-alone plastic key tag: The single plastic key tag made to various sizes or shapes to accommodate special customer requirements. We have more than 20 molds for free use.

Multi-part plastic key tag :

The regular three small fobs within a credit card-sized body allowing additional family members scheme access from a single mailing campaign.

Plastic Card and fob integration:

A plastic card with integrated fob (or fobs) adding additional functionality to the main card.

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