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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a small RFID sensor microchip with RFID antenna inside a housing that can be read at a short-range or long-range via radio waves by an RFID reader.

RFID coin tag made of ABS /PP/PC material with RFID microchip with RFID antenna inside. The diameter size from 12mm to 50mm, based on different RFID applications, The RFID coin tag the same as RFID token able use for metro trains.

The RFID token tag able use for forestry management, city trees, and plant management, RFID log tagging and for other RFID public asset tagging applications. The RFID coin tag is easily inserted into a pre-drilled hole and then tapped securely with a hammer. Waterproof ABS encapsulation ensures years of use and makes this tree tag suitable for RFID forest management, RFID tree management, RFID logging management and the RFID management of public assets in parks and recreation facilities.

RFID Coin Tag is waterproof, wear-resistant, easy to carry, easy to use and shockproof.

How to buy RFID coin tag ?

As you know passive RFID including, 125khz low frequency, 13.56mhz high frequency and Ultra-high frequency (UHF).

The RFID coin tag manufacture can produce it with different frequencies. If you have an RFID coin tag reader already, you have to check which frequency your RFID reader able to read. If you don't have RFID reader, you can choose the RFID coin tag based on your solution.

The different frequencies with different read ranges. 125khz low frequency with 1-10 cm read distance, 13.56mhz high frequency with 1-5cm read distance, Ultra-high frequency (UHF) with 1-50cm read range. The large size will enlarge the read distance. You can contact our RFID expert to choose the RFID coin tag

The RFID coin tag is the same as the RFID world tag with a center hole, it can print any brand, logo or number.

DO RFID tag manufacturer is the best RFID coin tag manufacturer, they have 40 kinds models of RFID coin tag for a various RFID solution.

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