D.O RFID TAG company
D.O RFID TAG company is a RFID card manufacturers & factory, professional RFID card manufacturers , NFC tags suppliers and RFID Wristband company in shenzhen china for 15 years — Source Quality Products and Enjoy Efficient Service.

Core Competencies

In a market riddled with various suppliers, you require the best in what they do to meet your creative expectations. That is D.O RFID Tag Manufacturer, ours is an enterprise engaged in the manufacturing and production of high quality RFID&NFC products for various applications, rfid wristbands for varying events, plastic cards, RFID card, smart card, RFID tag, NFC tag for access control, loyalty programs, E-payment and security applications.

We take pride in seriously dealing with every order of our customers worldwide, we provide 100% premium quality Guarantee to enable our customers like to work with us on a continuous basis. We have been able to achieve this for more than 14 years now because of our key core competencies.

The reason our customers value us so much is because we are so highly experienced in our business and committed to making the best products in the following ways:

•Designing and implementing with creative insight high quality RFID wrist tags for various applications, rfid wristbands for varying events, plastic cards, RFID card, smart card, RFID tag, NFC tag.

•Ability to design and deliver great products in response to the customer’s choice

•Reliable and efficient delivery infrastructure at our disposal

•An online customer service ready to answer any requests, address any complaints, and listen to our customer’s suggestions

•Minimising the working capital in order to produce products for our customers at the best price available.

•High manufacturing and distribution quality of reliable products at competitive prices.


Our RFID transponders have been used for several years now and is constantly entering new application fields. Yet we have achieved this with ease in long run.


How can we meet these stringent requirements?

D.O RFID tag company monitoring all orders using the following quality standard:

•magnetic tape to ISO 7810 specification

•Thickness of finished card material to ISO 7810 specification

•Bow testing in accordance to ISO 7810 specification

•Testing of encoded magstripe to ISO 7811-2

•Barcode Verifier QC810 & QC890

•Verification of barcode to ANSI and ISO standards

•Inline Barcode Verifier on DOD

•Verification of barcode to ANSI and ISO standards.


We do not compromise our values and this is reflected in our core and key competencies:

1.     Diligence: We work tirelesslessly to bring the best products and supply them to you.

2.     Customer First: We always put your needs first and we are loyal and committed to helping you solve your problems.

3.     Efficiency and Amazing Delivery System: we have an 100% on time quick and efficient delivery system all around the world and we guarantee 100% quality assurance on all our products delivered and 60 days after-sales service.

4.     Considerate and Truthful Policies: In order to carry out all our promises, we have created a refund policy, in the case of a serious defect, we will refund your money 100%. Without asking any questions.


Put our competence to the test now. Contact us with your orders.

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