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RFID Apparel Tags

Successful RFID cases are proliferating in the retail industry, with more fashion and apparel retailers adopting and expanding technology rollouts. D.O RFID Tag Manufacturer provide technical solutions to this challenge, and industry standards are being developed to deliver RFID source tagging best practices to retailers, brands, global producers and RFID tag and service providers. Retailers that have implemented RFID tagging have seen sales increases of 3 percent to 10 percent . retailers pointed to the prospect of improved inventory accuracy, fewer out-of-stock problems, stronger loss prevention and greater ease of locating products. There also are major wins for apparel brands and their suppliers, particularly when RFID tags are applied at the source within the global supply chain.They also found that apparel brands auditing procedures can be significantly streamlined in U.S. distribution centers. RFID tracking capabilities can be leveraged at many more points in the product s life-cycle. These factors are turning the tide toward increased item-level tagging at the source. Please kindly tell us what RFID Apparel Tags do you need ?

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