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RFID keys

RFID key cards are more important for building and community security than ever, many facilities are doing away with physical, mechanical keys in favor of electronically-read RFID key cards. These RFID key cards are programmable, customizable and far more secure than mechanical keys, for a variety of reasons. RFID keys can make your apartment community, campus or facility more secure.

RFID stands for "Radio Frequency Identification," and RFID key cards have a small RFID chip with data loaded in it, as well as a tiny RFID antenna that sends the data through a weak signal to adjacent receivers. RFID keys are increasingly replacing barcodes and magnetic strips, which used to store comparable information that could be read by scanners, as a more secure method. We can see it on our credit cards, which have replaced the magnetic strip with advanced chip technology. RFID is also used in key cards that can be configured to unlock doors when placed near a receiver at the entry point. The RFID key card replaces the traditional lock-and-key system for entrance in the context of key control. The RFID key card is placed on or near the RFID reader, which recognizes the signal as belonging to an authorized user and opens the door.

Why you have to buy RFID Key Cards ?

Physical keys and even barcode technology have significant disadvantages as compared to RFID key cards. Here are just a few of the benefits of using an RFID key card system instead of a traditional lock-and-key system:

Copying or hacking is difficult. A radio transmission cannot be "copied," and the signal itself can be encrypted to prevent data from being decoded by other devices.

Customizable and programmable options are available. An RFID key card can be configured to open only certain doors (or just one) for a set period of time. (Keycards are used by hotels to allow customers to access only their hotel room and the fitness center, and they are configured to stop working the morning of checkout.) This system allows management to limit staff access to specified allowed sections of the facility for specific periods of time.

Identified as anonymous Only the authorized user and the computer will know which door(s) the key card will unlock because there are no identifying markers on the card.

Deactivation is simple. The system may quickly deauthorize a keycard's identification signal if it is lost or stolen, or the card can simply be allowed to expire.

Security that is more cost-effective. To restore security, the lock must be changed when physical keys are lost or compromised. When a key card is misplaced, it can be deauthorized, thereby rendering it useless. There's no need to replace the locks!

Custom RFID keys

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