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custom cloth wristbands

Custom cloth wristbands are the newest security fabric wristband option for Festivals, Conventions, Hotels, and Sporting Events. Custom woven cloth wristbands are the perfect solution for multi-day events and are tamper-proof.We offer two styles of RFID cloth wristbands for your festival or event.Woven Stitched Wristband: Our traditional woven cloth wristbands, which are crafted using high-quality thread available in an array of.Full-Color dye sublimation fabric Wristbands: These ultra-comfortable wristbands can be printed with full-color graphics and can be printed on both sides of the wristband. Dye sublimation wristbands are fully customizable and secure.

Why  Custom Cloth Wristbands for Events?

Whether you need to credential artists, staff, or attendees, cloth wristbands have become a popular method. Choosing our custom woven cloth bracelets allows you to incorporate original design elements—such as neon colors, metallic threading, numbering, RFID or NFC, and more—for a one-of-a-kind ticketing experience.In most cases, the exhilaration of opening cloth concert wristbands in the mail is half the fun and excitement. Concertgoers continue to wear their custom cloth bracelets like a token badge long after the event has passed, and our unique design elements allow you to provide them with a cloth armband they’ll certainly be proud to boast.

Custom Cloth Wristbands with RFID Tracking Tags

RFID cloth wristbands utilize Radio Frequency Identification to verify the identity of an object or person.Each RFID cloth wristband contains a unique serial number, which is stored electronically within the tag, as well as a small RF transmitter and receiver.When an RFID reader scans a tag wristband, the reader sends an encoded radio signal to the tag wristband, which responded with the stored identification number.Each RFID tag wristband is uniquely registered in your events RFID database and cannot be cloned so that invalid tag wristbands are instantly detected.Quality: There are a wide range of RFID wristbands on the market with varying degrees of quality; we have carefully tested chips from multiple factories in high volumes to ensure we only sell ones with an error rate of less than 1 per 1000 pieces.  We also guarantee the quality of all our products.Security closure: Choose between a secure or non-secure closure.  If you don't want people taking the wristbands off, be sure to choose the secure, non-removable closure.Custom Cloth Wristbands for:Festival Entry Marathons Cashless System Fairs Hotel Room Key Cards Resorts Amusement parks Trade Shows Conventions

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