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Dual Frequency Card

These dual frequency cards feature durable IP68 RFID card and are available also in many different materials for different application. Customization services include various type of printing, single card printing, surface, numbering, slot punching, and magnetic stripe.

Dual Frequency RFID Card is a kind of combi card which consists of two kinds or three kinds of RFID chips. It is available with chips of LF&HF, HF&UHF, LF&UHF. This kind of smart card is applied in various fields with a very high level of security. Dual Frequency Card combines the strength of each chip in one card body. And one card can work in different frequency without affecting each other.Dual frequency card can applications in Campus payment system, Access control system, Government, Security System and so on. DO RFID manufacturer offer high-quality dual frequency card worldwide, welcome to get a sample for testing.

OUR hybrid smart card Characterized by a high-quality surface, the combi smart card provides an excellent base for printing. The product is convenient to process with all common card printers and RFID card readers, which facilitates easy integration into customers’ applications. Options such as slot punch marking and programming are available on request.

The dual interface card is available in LF 125khz or 134 kHz compliant with proprietary air-interface standards for access control, HF 13.56 mhz ISO 14443 standard and UHF frequency ISO 18000-6C standard combinations.

dual frequency card optimized for applications such as access control, hospitality, leisure, and entertainment. The White Dual Frequency Card complies with industry quality standards including ISO/IEC 7810 and ISO/IEC 10373-1.

Hybrid smart card combines two or three different RFID frequencies to get the best of both technologies. The merchandise may combine the UHF Gen 2 functionality for long read ranges with HF or LF technologies that offer compatibility with formerly current techniques, large user memory, high-security functions and, thanks to the shorter read ranges, advantages in terms of privacy. Additionally, HF/LF can be provided. The Alien Technology Higgs-3 is the chip used for the UHF part, while the most used HF ICs consist of: NXP ICODE SLI (ISO 15693), Legic Prime MIM256 (proprietary), NXP MIFARE Classic 1K (ISO 14443 A) and NXP MIFARE DESFire EV1 (ISO 14443 A).

A dual frequency rfid card has long been anticipated by the marketplace to unleash the full power of RFID. By providing the equipment that expands the RFID value chain to include the ability for a brand manufacturer to immediately connect to the end customer is a milestone event for the whole business. To combine all the benefits of UHF and NFC into a single chip tag is undoubtedly an exquisite resolution. To embrace the latest ISO standards for maximum security in both frequencies opens doors to opportunities beyond the retail store originally targeted and into the pharmaceutical as well as healthcare spaces.

DO RIFD manufacturer has 16 years experience. We provide many different kinds of dual-frequency cards with two or three passive RFID chips that allow it to communicate in two different frequency ranges simultaneously. The cards are combination (combi cards) in UHF-HF, UHF-LF, HF-LF, with HF inlay being complaint with NFC applications.

UHF+HF dual frequency cards are becoming increasingly popular in loyalty and payment schemes that also want to track time & attendance and location of customer. These hybrid cards generally have the UHF chip placed separately above or the side of the UHF chip to ensure there is no interference.

UHF+LF dual frequency cards are used in specialized situations where simple access control is required alongside personnel tracking. LF+UHF twin cards are generally accomplished with the LF antenna running above or beside the UHF antenna.

HF+LF dual frequency cards are the most common used than other two combi cards in our life. They have an LF antenna laminated around the outside of the card with a thick coil LF antenna contained within. Legacy LF systems like HID proximity are often replaced by higher security HF implementations that still require usage of the original LF chip while all sites convert to the newer HF standard.

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