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125khz RFID card

A contactless RFID smart card that operates at 125 kHz is known as a low-frequency 125 kHz RFID card. LF 125KHz RFID cards are simpler to build, less expensive, and less vulnerable to interference than HF and UHF cards, making them ideal for short-range, low-cost applications including access control, campus cards, freight tracking, identification, and hotel room cards.

EM4200 (Read-only), TK4100 (Read-only), ATMEL T5577 (read and re-write), EM4305 (read and re-write), HID (read and re-write), and other RFID chips are available from DO RFID TAG manufacturers. The 125Khz RFID card's design is determined by your needs and creation; nonetheless, we guarantee that we will assist you in achieving your goals.

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